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  • adj

Synonyms for unattached



independent (from)


  • independent (from)
  • unaffiliated (to)
  • nonaligned (to)
  • free (from)
  • autonomous (from)
  • uncommitted (to)


  • attached (to)
  • affiliated (to)
  • aligned (to)
  • involved (with)
  • committed (to)
  • dependent (on)

Synonyms for unattached

Synonyms for unattached

not fastened together

Related Words

not associated in an exclusive sexual relationship

(of animals) able to swim about

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To verify that filters perform as promised, researchers will have to develop low-cost monitors for radon's daughters, especially the unattached ones.
Late last week, the European Space Agency announced initial agreement with NASA on the text of a memorandum of understanding covering Europe's participation, which is to consist of a laboratory module attached to the station, another that is an unattached "free-flyer" positioned nearby, and an unmanned platform that would be stationed in a pole-crossing orbit rather than in the near-equatorial orbit of the station itself.
Raahauge's Duck Club and the Splatter S Duck Club, located in Prado Basin, offer limited public hunting for unattached hunters.
ATHLETICS: Unattached runner Philippa Marsden won last night's third race in the Heaton Harriers' Jesmond Dene Handicap Series.
He's using the election to push his agenda on fairness for the unattached and to get people to sign up for singles cruises.
A new name means a new identity - one that is unattached to the financially plagued El Portal resident company.
Callum Holden, from Hawthorn High School, is currently unattached, but wanted by a number of clubs with Fulham leading the chase.
Love could be in the air for the unattached in Holmfirth on Valentine's Day.
Boys' winners at Balboa-Encino were Scott MacDonald of Mountaingate CC (68-74-142 in B-Division) and James Lee, unattached, at 71-73-144 in C-Division.
Silicon Valley has earned a dubious distinction: It is now home to more unattached men than any other major metropolitan area.
PV: Jacob Pauli, Nike; Ray Scotten, unattached, Jason Colwick, Rice, 18-1/2.
Deena Drossin, the former Agoura High star who competes unattached, captured her first national women's title in the U.
Shot Put - 1, Rita Santibanez, Unattached, 45-7 1/4.
2, (tie) Jesse Lipscombe, Canada, 7-2 1/4 ; Marcus Harris, Unattached, 7-2 1/4 .