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  • adj

Synonyms for unattached



independent (from)


  • independent (from)
  • unaffiliated (to)
  • nonaligned (to)
  • free (from)
  • autonomous (from)
  • uncommitted (to)


  • attached (to)
  • affiliated (to)
  • aligned (to)
  • involved (with)
  • committed (to)
  • dependent (on)

Synonyms for unattached

Synonyms for unattached

not fastened together

Related Words

not associated in an exclusive sexual relationship

(of animals) able to swim about

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For this survey, full and part-time workers were asked the following: "Assuming you were unmarried or otherwise unattached, would you date a co-worker?
Surely it is time for the GBGB to step in and make ALL tracks more flexible with trial requests from both attached and unattached trainers.
The crotch member comprises a first unattached end portion extending between the first attachment location and the first terminal edge of the crotch member.
Abrams ("Lost") reverts to "Felicity" mode with this insufferably cute, touchy-feely trauma - er, drama - about Brian (Barry Watson), the only unattached member of a clutch of friends.
Leaves dot the canvas, hovering unattached to branch or limb--each is like an independent creature, the brushstroke depicting it crucial.
Rhoades of the University of Washington in Seattle used young western tent caterpillars to assess leaf quality in 10 Sitka willows previously infested by the same insect species, in 10 unattached neighboring trees, and in 20 unattached trees that were farther away.
The United Mexican States ("Mexico") announced today the minimum cash payment for its outstanding Par Bonds and Discount Bonds (as defined below) in connection with its invitation to exchange Mexico's outstanding collateralized fixed rate bonds due 2019, series A and B ("Par Bonds") and collateralized floating rate bonds due 2019, series A through D ("Discount Bonds")(collectively, together with the associated value recovery rights, both attached and unattached, the "Brady Bonds") for a combination of Mexico's new 8.
Luckily for the many lonely hearts living in the town, 21-year-old Vince Peart is determined to attract unattached women to the region.
Huge numbers of unattached drakes are flocking to Cooper Park in Elgin, Moray, attracted by the food.
The unattached elderly ladies of the community found him irresistible, but Burt was wedded to his dream of racing at the legendary proving grounds.
Recently patented is a disposable absorbent article that is made of an outer cover and an absorbent chassis, which includes a pair of longitudinally opposed waist edges that are directly attached to the outer cover and an unattached portion that is not directly attached to the outer cover between the longitudinally opposed waist edges and an absorbent chassis support member.
His exuberantly colored, multitextured, and polymorphously perverse configurations of the materials from which household handicrafts are often made seem to be the real, living fusions of abstract mutant cartoon characters and unattached libidinal energy.
The trick to reducing doses, he notes, is not to focus on daughters bound to dust, but to remove the unattached daughters, which provide up to 90 percent of the radiation dose to humans.
The senior race on Saturday was won by unattached runner Gareth Wyn Hughes, who beat Eryri's Dylan Wynn Jones by more than two minutes to win in 34 minutes 33 seconds.
Also included in the field is the currently unattached Andy Smith, who was British Champion three years in a row in the 1990s while a Coventry rider.