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lacking boldness or confidence

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The relationship with the official health system --including physicians, other professionals and private clinics--in the search for care by women with endometriosis appears qualified by criticism, coexisting with an unresolved tension between two ends: exaltation or disqualification, but essentially in one public, unassured access to treatment.
The recruiter's survey, which questioned 1,478 16 to 24 year olds, revealed that 40% of respondents said that they are unassured about their job prospects in the next year and the same number of respondents are not confident of securing employment in the next six months.
As an example, when engineers between firms tacitly coordinate designs, buying personnel will be less informed explicitly of technical specifications, creating coordination difficulties and unassured experiences in the SI system.
And given the political turmoil in some of these countries like the civil wars in Sudan and Ethiopia, exploration and extraction could be tough and investments unassured.
I am 62, live on Social Security and I am unassured of insurance.
Despite his unassured stamina, Master Minded was sent off the 2-5 favourite and nudged into the lead turning for home, taking the Alan King-trained winner with him.
And what a time for Paul Robinson to turn in such an unassured display with England boss Steve McClaren sat in the St James' Park stands.
If you ever read anything about political propaganda techniques, that's a core tactic for converting the unassured to follow your lead, and apparently it works.
It is all about what the receivers have for unassured creditors and it is not good news.
Its low-resolution communications models (assured and unassured communications) and medium-resolution models (routed communications) are generically applicable to a variety of operational systems.
Thus, Derrida, quoting Renan, writes that "a nation does not exist as long as there is no certainty that, 'all should have forgotten quite a few things'; as long as some remember originary deeds of violence, a nation remains unassured of its essence and its existence.