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lacking boldness or confidence

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And what a time for Paul Robinson to turn in such an unassured display with England boss Steve McClaren sat in the St James' Park stands.
If you ever read anything about political propaganda techniques, that's a core tactic for converting the unassured to follow your lead, and apparently it works.
It is all about what the receivers have for unassured creditors and it is not good news.
Its low-resolution communications models (assured and unassured communications) and medium-resolution models (routed communications) are generically applicable to a variety of operational systems.
In the past his unassured nature and inconsistency has made him a punters' nightmare, but the 6ft 4in paceman is more confident these days.
The best advice is to focus on tenant credit quality and complete a rigorous analysis of assured versus unassured components of cash flow and the asset price.
So, the investor's variable, unassured return from the market was 1 3/4 times the assured return.
Permit me," replied Huguette, "to ask you one more thing and tell me if it's true as those who knew you and saw you more familiarly say that you had a ferocious way of speaking, abrupt and unassured, when you let yourself be controlled by your natural inclination?