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Synonyms for unassuming

Synonyms for unassuming

not elaborate or showy, as in appearance or style

Synonyms for unassuming

not arrogant or presuming


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Then he calmed down, returned to his soft manner of speech and to that unassuming quiet bearing which had been usual with him even in his greatest days.
His evident concern on seeing the change for the worse in the young lady's looks was expressed with a mixture of tenderness and respect, with an unassuming delicacy of tone, voice, and manner, which did equal credit to his good breeding and his good sense.
He was a quiet, unassuming young man: " Forgive me," he had said with a faint apologetic smile and taking up his cap, " I am going out to order up some wine.
It takes two noble Earls and a Viscount, combined, to inform Nicodemus Boffin, Esquire, in an equally flattering manner, that an estimable lady in the West of England has offered to present a purse containing twenty pounds, to the Society for Granting Annuities to Unassuming Members of the Middle Classes, if twenty individuals will previously present purses of one hundred pounds each.
Canon Howard Buchner, an unassuming but towering figure at Toronto's Trinity College where he served for many years as a professor and dean of the faculty of divinity, died May 27 at the age of 85.
James applies himself earnestly, if dispassionately, and his unassuming paintings feel persistently personal.
CONFESSIONS OF A FRENCH BAKER: BREADMAKING SECRETS, TIPS, AND RECIPES may look small and unassuming beside weighty and larger-sized bread cookbooks, but don't let its size fool you: packed within its pages are decades of baking wisdom competitors can't match for tone, content and insights.
On the one hand, he is unassuming and down-to-earth, the product of an average suburban, middle-class household.
This may well reflect the traditional value of being unassuming and avoiding bringing negative attention to one's self or family.
And with the official propaganda that accompanies such sinister slogans as "Global Democratic Revolution," the unassuming public apparently is being conditioned to support this open-ended "crusade.
I've set up these trusts for very unassuming, regular people," Myerberg said.
They also brought their unassuming brilliant rock to excited kids too young to remember what they've been missing in music.
Nevertheless, this unassuming pianist now is recognized as one of the world's foremost artists.
At its spiritual heart is the Chapel of the Burning Bush, an unassuming structure of tremendous religious significance; nearby is what is thought to he the bush itself, a rare species of the rose family, endemic to Sinai.
The court heard how her former partner Brian Jones could change from shy and unassuming when sober, to argument and violence after drink.