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Synonyms for unassisted

unsupported by other people

lacking help

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Turlington was left to interpret Sir Joseph's mysterious communication with such doubtful aid to success as his own unassisted ingenuity might afford.
For, he had the eyes of a microscope and a telescope combined, when they were unassisted.
As the stranger entered the little shop, where the projection of the second story and the thick foliage of the elm-tree, as well as the commodities at the window, created a sort of gray medium, his smile grew as intense as if he had set his heart on counteracting the whole gloom of the atmosphere (besides any moral gloom pertaining to Hepzibah and her inmates) by the unassisted light of his countenance.
Jurgis was confident of his ability to get work for himself, unassisted by any one.
Much of my unassisted self, and more by the help of Biddy than of Mr.
Tess's unassisted power of dreaming, however, being enough for her sublimation at present, she declined except the merest sip, and then Marian took a pull from the spirits.
Unassisted by Ralph, however, with whom he had held no communication since their angry parting on that occasion, all his efforts were wholly unavailing, and he had therefore arrived at the determination of communicating to the young lord the substance of the admission he had gleaned from that worthy.
And now, dull as they were to the subtle influences of surroundings, they felt themselves very much alone, when suddenly left unassisted to face the wilderness; a wilderness rendered more strange, more incomprehensible by the mysterious glimpses of the vigorous life it contained.
Top-line results also included data relating to primary unassisted patency, one of PATENCY-2's other efficacy endpoints.
That was followed by an unassisted goal by Matthew Marshall, who skipped one in past the stick of the Carmel Catholic keeper.
The Tomahawks went ahead 39 seconds after the penalty had expired when Matthew Betham scored unassisted.
Buoyed by the goal Solway took control, Andy Craik evening the score at 10.42 with a grand unassisted goal.
At 16:44, Joey Martin made it 3-0 for Devils with an unassisted goal that gave them a comfortable lead to take into the first intermission.
The researchers found that at each ultrasound measurement time, AVF blood flow, diameter, and depth significantly predicted both unassisted and overall clinical maturation.