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not assigned


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'Only MBAs with free and unassigned surplus that is more than the 20 percent ceiling...can procure pre-need plans as a member benefit,' the circular, which was signed last July 31, 2018, stated.
Despite the recognized benefits of fiscal savings, some states impose restrictive rules on the unassigned fund balance and related stabilization funds held by school districts.
The number of unassigned teachers in Turkey has increased by 270,000 over a period of 10 years to approximately 330,000, surpassing the population of Iceland.
I argued that, per the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA), the hospital is required to have an unassigned call roster for OB.
Some of that was by investing in more efficient HVAC and lighting, but more significant was reducing the size of offices and workstations, including "hoteling," where a workstation is unassigned and is first-come, first-served.
TV White Space spectrum refers to frequencies in the VHF and UHF television broadcast bands that are either unassigned or unused by existing broadcasters or other licensees.
Since the freed up radio frequency spectrum is still unassigned - about 30MHz in the 1900/2100MHz band for 3G license, and 7.38MHz in the 800MHz band for Instaphone (defunct) license - the next government can hit the ground running and conclude this auction within six months.
For decades Ryanair had required passengers to form lengthy queues to maintain position for an at-times unseemly scramble for unassigned seats.
For unassigned patients admitted through the emergency department, such concerns diminish in importance.
Additionally, there are other core functions in most OBHG programs, including the management of the obstetrics triage unit, evaluation and management of unassigned obstetric patients, and management of any unassigned gynecology patient requiring urgent care from an ob.gyn.
BP has already set aside $20 billion to settle spill-related claims, but the company recently announced that only $1.7 billion of that total is still unassigned, Thomson Reuters reports.
He noted that the town's unassigned fund balance of $2.5 million, or 7 percent of budget, was maintained at a stable level.
But LCC hired two white, less-experienced custodians the next day, the suit contends, and the school later told a state Bureau of Labor and Industries investigator that Scott was fired for failure to perform his job duties, poor attendance and taking unassigned breaks.
OThe [first quarter] result was negatively impacted by expenses for aircraft, which were unassigned as well as pro-rate losses,O CFO Tim Dooley said.
The Diamonds, set up three years ago, train five days a week at Safa Park and due to the fact they are unassigned to any local league -- amateur or professional -- they can only play occasional friendly matches.