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not assigned


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Although the differences in response rates were not significant, cities that used unassigned fund balance were twice as likely to terminate employees and eliminate positions.
If a government does not establish a policy, the default approach assumes that committed amounts should be reduced first, followed by the assigned amounts, and then the unassigned amounts.
By 2010, almost 40 percent of respondents predict their employees will spend more than a quarter of their time in unassigned space, almost a 150 percent increase over current levels.
Phone companies have routinely held in reserve millions of unassigned phone numbers so they won't be caught short if new technologies or services drive up consumer demand for new numbers, regulators say.
Estimated fiscal 2012 year-end unassigned fund balance is anticipated to equal $12 million to $14 million, or a still sound 7% to 8% of spending.
With his approach, the laborist cares for unassigned patients in labor and unassigned patients in need of emergent gynecologic surgery or hospital admission.
Ferrari of Ontario: Kevin Clayton in car #95, Mike Louli in car #12, John Farano in car #59, Guy DeClerc in car #91, Rob Metka unassigned #, Martin Burrowes in car #46.
In 2006, Garda bosses splashed out millions on 1,379 new vehicles but by the end of the year, 941 had still been unassigned.
Back-up physicians consistently see a significant increase in income for unassigned patients, eliminating their office billing cost and financial risk.
Also among the best of the remaining unassigned cars is a Dallara from Kelley Racing, which already has polesitter Scott Sharp and Mark Dismore in the show.
The vacancy rate has dropped to near zero, with only 30 unassigned units left in the complex.
A few months ago we said we were working to solve the problem with unassigned tractors and get back to our historical growth revenue rate," Powell says.
482-7(g)(6) provides that any unassigned interests in a covered intangible are deemed to be owned by each controlled participant in an amount equal to its share of IDCs.
The act provides for assignment of beneficiaries to former employers and the allocation of unassigned beneficiaries (orphans) to existing employers.