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incapable of being transferred

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Partible inheritance cannot be considered unassignable and immune from attachment because, on the one side, the person who gives the inheritance is free to dispose through acts for good and valuable consideration or gratuitous of his goods, and the fact that the gifts made are detrimental or not to the opening of the inheritance, in relation with the situation if the heirs can or want to come to the inheritance.
72) He suggests that in the absence of a bright-line rule, an inducer might opportunistically claim that she induced breach without prior negotiation with the promisee because she thought the contract would be deemed legally unassignable.
Many of the figurines are manifestly female, but many are not; most are schematic, unassignable as to sex.
2000) ("It is undisputed by the parties that moral rights are inalienable and unassignable.
Proof of processing from the USPS for each mail piece -- Variable weight manifesting to avoid overpayment of postage -- Address and ZIP Code verification to prevent delayed and undeliverable mail -- Address ID(TM) which identifies unassignable addresses -- Selective routing and delivery to bypass problem delivery areas -- Delivery testing services to ensure timeliness of a customer's business communications -- Free mail consultation
Shapiro said other courts, under common law, have invalidated contract provisions that make the receipt of payments unassignable.
There also had to be an absence of unassignable cases and evidence that the categories were sufficient to cover the facets of the phenomenon (Patton, 1990).
Commissioner,(48) the Fifth Circuit developed a test of cash equivalence that included several factors: (1) a solvent obligor, (2) an unconditional and unassignable promise to pay, (3) a promise to pay not subject to setoff, and (4) a promise to pay readily transferable to lenders or investors at a discount not substantially greater than the generally prevailing premium for the use of money.
However, the parties stipulated a market for such unassignable winnings did exist, albeit at a significant discount, at the time that the estate filed its return.