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incapable of being transferred

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Nearly all failed retailers liquidate their assets through bankruptcy proceedings, which allows them to sell below-market leases that otherwise would be unassignable.
In neglecting the unassignable gift, the gift lost as gift, do 'we' shadow Heidegger in our humanistic priorities by concentrating on possibilities of a social bond over that which flings us away?
Partible inheritance cannot be considered unassignable and immune from attachment because, on the one side, the person who gives the inheritance is free to dispose through acts for good and valuable consideration or gratuitous of his goods, and the fact that the gifts made are detrimental or not to the opening of the inheritance, in relation with the situation if the heirs can or want to come to the inheritance.
E contends that nontransferable IRAs are similar to (1) unassignable lottery payments, (2) stock in a closely held corporation, (3) stock that is subject to resale restrictions, (4) contaminated land and (5) land that needs to be rezoned to reflect the highest and best use.
Overhead can be separated into assignable overhead and unassignable overhead.
Some tenancy agreements include clauses which insist that an assignee should be in no less of a financial position than the current tenant, which if the tenant has a blue chip credit rating, makes the lease effectively unassignable.
9) These unassignable personal torts include those based on "assault and battery; personal injury; false imprisonment; malicious prosecution; invasion of privacy; defamation; conspiracy to injure another's business; [and] unfair and deceptive trade practices.
The Greek community is a fluctuating, open community, continually outside itself and exposed to its limit, which is always new, both constant and unassignable, in a word, its horizon.
authorship the unassignable category of the text, a secret that
72) He suggests that in the absence of a bright-line rule, an inducer might opportunistically claim that she induced breach without prior negotiation with the promisee because she thought the contract would be deemed legally unassignable.
2000) ("It is undisputed by the parties that moral rights are inalienable and unassignable.
Shapiro said other courts, under common law, have invalidated contract provisions that make the receipt of payments unassignable.
There also had to be an absence of unassignable cases and evidence that the categories were sufficient to cover the facets of the phenomenon (Patton, 1990).
But it would be a deft writer indeed who could move smoothly from easy targets such as writers of the "boys' own adventure" school to complex artists like Joseph Conrad, or unassignable originals like Anthony Burgess.
unassignable causes of variation) and special variation, which is not inherent in the process but lies outside the system (i.