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Norton puts on a thin, reedy voice to help express Walter's insecurity and sexual unassertiveness, all the better to contrast with his resolve once faced with dramatic decisions down the line.
In this case, therapists may interpret it negatively and inaccurately as a sign of, e.g., shyness, unassertiveness, and/or depression (Sue & Sue, 2003).
Studies examining gender role socialization suggest that traditional male gender role norms often are associated with competition, success, and power; conversely, feminine gender role norms often are associated with unassertiveness, lack of achievement, and lack of power (O'Neil, 1981).
Some factors that increase susceptibility to cultic interference include: dependency, unassertiveness, gullibility, and low tolerance for ambiguity.
This study opens to further investigation the bases for men's unassertiveness and whether Javanese women would maintain their assertive communication in different situations.
Numerous further studies were consistent in finding self-directed hostility to be one of a number of factors (along with obsessiveness, dependency, unassertiveness, external locus of control, and low self-esteem) that contribute to the psychological profile of women with eating disorders (Cachelin & Maher, 1998; Hall, Blakey, & Hall, 1992; Rosen & Ramirez, 1998; Smolak & Levin, 1993; Tiller, Schmidt, Ali, & Treasure, 1995; Williams, Chamove, & Millar, 1990; Williams, Power, Millar, Freeman, Yellowlees, Dowds, et al., 1994).
Since a client's unassertiveness could place him or her at risk in situations involving alcohol, a therapist would introduce the third component of CRA's behavioral skills package; drink-refusal training.
Richard Collins has observed, "for the most part, the U.K.'s European audiovisual policy has been conspicuous by its absence." (28) British officials often seemed to see the problem not as one of cultural imperialism on the part of the United States, but as one of ineffective competition or unassertiveness on the part of the U.K.'s audiovisual sector.
A compilation of unassertiveness, impatience, intolerance, hostility and a strong need for approval and affection constitute a personality profile of a burnout candidate.
On Thursday, 17 January, following a growing criticism for its unassertiveness about its plan to increase fuel prices, the Government finally announced its decision to raise fuel prices by a range of 20%-25% (or by an average 22%).
For women, five situations, including emotional detachment (i.e., situations involving failure to develop trusting, intimate relationships), physical unattractiveness (i.e., relating to failure to attain feminine standards of physical attractiveness), victimization (i.e., situations involving exposure to potential harm or violence), unassertiveness (i.e., situations requiring assertive coping behavior), and failed nurturance (i.e., situations suggesting anxiety over deficits in nurturing others) were identified as evoking stress pertaining to the violation of traditional female gender role norms (Gillespie & Eisler, 1992).
A factor analysis of the final STABS identified five dusters of items with common themes: attractiveness, social skills, unassertiveness, intelligence, and clumsiness.
Stress management often is constrained by time and resource limitations, pessimism, unassertiveness, inadequate emotional support, limited access to educational or treatment programs, insufficient control over living or work environments, Type A personality traits, or, unbeknownst to many Americans, an addiction to stress itself (Greenberg, 1993).
This unassertiveness is often not the result of a clear strategic choice: indeed, almost half of the respondents believe that they are nor being as proactive in dealing with international retailers as they should be (Exhibit 3).
It is a matter of ethical principle, and as such, it does not dictate automatic allegiance to the women's side in any such argument." But Gamer will not claim more knowledge or judgment than she can prove, and her persona -- curiously evocative of the Master's in its genial unassertiveness -- underwrites her credibility.