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inclined to timidity or lack of self-confidence

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Jailing Long, Judge John Milford told him: "It's right to say you were a placid, unassertive, rather weak man and I believe you will live with the guilt for the rest of your life.
The stereotype that Asian Americans are deferential and unassertive hurts their potential to advance in various professional fields.
They are: a) avoiding (unassertive and uncooperative behaviours); b) dominating or competing (assertive and uncooperative behaviours); c) accommodating (cooperative and unassertive bahaviours); d) compromising (based on giving concessions, that is intermediate level of cooperation and assertiveness behaviours); e) collaborating or integrating (strong cooperation and assertive behaviours).
Davutoglu may be known for his temperate demeanor, but he has little patience with Ankara's political elites and their unassertive approach to diplomacy.
In this style of negotiation, one or more of the parties are unassertive and often yield to the demands of the other.
The standby attorney was to be "seen but not heard" (116); a lawyer-in-waiting precluded from prepping the case but who could nonetheless step in mid-performance and take over the leading role without hitch or conflict; a passive, unassertive assistant to the commands of the defendant who had already refused her as an advocate and who retained the power of refusal over all the attorney's professional advice and services.
Turner in all his magnificence did not scorn the unassertive clarity and translucence of the watercolour.
The authors set out to establish a new paradigm for "nice" behavior that isn't subservient or unassertive, but stresses optimal outcomes for the "nice guys" and others.
They are passive, gentle, domestic, motherly, and unassertive (Kramer, 2001).
The girls move into James' beyond- depressing, one-bedroom apartment, where the unassertive young man presumably spends his off-hours staring at the grimy walls.
Research suggests that "flashers" are characteristically unassertive but you can never be certain.
The opening line echoes the syntactical (and domestic) balance of "Exchange" and "He and She," and again there is no actual conversation, merely the silent, unassertive looking.
woman is to be shy, unassertive and submissive while male sexual
One of my most controversial was when I stated that those who had lived in Welsh-speaking Wales for five years without acquiring any knowledge of the language must be either (1) arrogant, (2) indolent, (3) unintelligent or (4) unassertive, or-otherwise put-toffee nosed, lazy, thick or shy.