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used of persons or their behavior

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Despite these risks, Amber Cantorna's Unashamed is here to say that coming out and being authentically yourself is worth it.
Ruto added that he is not unashamed of his God and unapologetic of his faith.
"The OfS will be an unashamed champion of free speech.
Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington has revealed it was once prophesied that he would travel the world and preach to millions - and that's why he's 'unashamed' to use his platform to share his faith.
Ms McVey and other Tories including Ruth Davidson are unashamed about defending one of the most abhorrent policies of a government in my adult lifetime.
While Rebekah is only getting started - she's already shown great ambition, endless potential and a knack for mashing interesting songwriting and production with unashamed pop hooks.
WITH unashamed cheek the director of this repetitive slasher romp describes it as "the horror movie version of Groundhog Day".
Black was named, Yet proud were we, our pride unashamed.
Police said no one was injured but a group of people gathered outside, some "commenting with derogatory remarks or unashamed joy" at the fire.
Every woman should want to have great sex and feel unashamed to have sex - as long as it's equal.
Indeed, the only way we will combat this problem is when our political, religious and education leaders begin to assert their unapologetic and unashamed support for British and, dare I say, Christian values.
Sentimental, earnest and unashamed, he conjured a New Age spirit world that captivated those who didn't ordinarily like ''poetry'' and those who craved relief from the war, assassinations and riots of the time.
Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives
This was a road trip which could have strayed into excruciating fawning, especially given Corden's unashamed BUDDIES: and James hero worship.
FOR years, I was an unashamed romantic, never happier than when ordering a bouquet of flowers which I had chosen myself or organising a special riverside picnic complete with champagne, hamper and ice bucket.