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not able to be ascertained

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"The medical cause of death is unascertained,'' he said, adding: ''I accept the evidence of the experts."
Accepting the formal cause of death as unascertained, he said the two factors to be considered were co-sleeping and brain abnormality.
In default of any such Notice being received the said Daphne Goodbody (acting by her attorneys Wendy Goodbody and Jonathan Goodbody) intends to proceed with this Equity Civil Bill at the end of 21 days from the date of this Notice and to apply to the Dublin Circuit Court for such directions as may be appropriate on the basis that the person or persons beneficially entitled to the superior interests including the freehold reversion in the aforesaid property are unknown or unascertained.
An inquest has concluded into the death of Dillan Joel Beedle, who died on October 25 last year, with the cause of death being "unascertained."
Hamilton's death certificate describes the cause of death as "unascertained pending laboratory studies" but the official murder charge alleges he was shot in the head.
"The medical cause of death is unascertained. His mother was unconscious at the moment that he died."
Robert Woodcock QC, for Humble, asked Dr Cooper: "Your conclusion is death in this case is unascertained?" The pathologist replied: "Yes.
The cause of his death remains a mystery with his death certificate saying it was "unascertained".
"At the moment the cause of death is unascertained pending further testing of Mr Chall's blood and his gastric contents."
Finally, we introduce an improved approach for feature selection using an unascertained least square support vector machine (ULSSVM) classifier.
Abdul Qadir Siddiqui told Pajhwok Afghan News that a civilian was also injured when a bullet hit a mosque, but the firing location was unascertained.
Heavy shooting was also reported to have followed the volley of rockets, however who were the shooters and who they were firing at is yet unascertained.
Meanwhile, a gunny-bagged body was found in Nazimabad whose identity is unascertained yet.
"We hope this cooperation continues; we still have 370 people the fate of whom is still unascertained. And there is also the State of Kuwait Archive, which is still missing," Al-Otaibi said.