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consisting of or involving a single element or component

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The integer notation is defined here as follows: [N.sub.D] is the digit expression (either in 8 bits or 16 bits), [N.sub.B] is the binary expression of [N.sub.D], and [N.sub.U] is the unary expression.
Let us consider the longest chain of unary nodes in rooted labelled trees, and related to this problem, the longest path without branching (i.e., all internal nodes have degree 2) in a labelled (unrooted) tree.
The unary code obtained from the GR encoding is converted into code word, based on the code word the compressed image has been decoded.
The unary potential is defined as the Gaussian likelihood
A Describe Associator is a unary algebraic operator that takes as input the resulting relation of the Associator and for each tuple of this relation, it generates, from not null l attributes of the tuple, all the different subsets of specific size like {{a},{l-a},s}, where {a} is named antecedent subset and {l-a} consequent subset.
The unary term, such as data term, is always submodular.
([absolute value of [b.sub.1]]-(n - r)), and let us note that [w.sup.c] is still a signed partition in P(n, r); therefore, we can define a unary operation c : P(n, r) [right arrow] P(n, r) such that w [right arrow] [w.sup.c].
The unary addition which was used satisfies the same conditions as in (Kouril & Zelinka, 2010a).
The next day brought some of the most sensational news in the whole history of Bitotia: Unary system had won!
[perpendicular] : Q [right arrow] Q is a unary operation on Q, e [member of] Q.
role or attribute) can be instantiated by a unary (resp.
This first volume covers basic concepts, lattices, unary and binary operations, fundamental algebraic results, and unique factorization.
5 A specification of the space of hypotheses: by defaults, all atomic sentences, binary clauses, type information (unary predicates), functional dependencies will be in the space.
Parabolic synthesis is a newly developed method in approximating unary functions, which is first presented by Erik in [8].