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not consisting of segments that are held together by joints

uttered without the use of normal words or syllables

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We can push the idea of the dialectic between the expressed democratic practices and the unarticulated democratic ideals and motifs further by highlighting the clash between the public sphere and the counter-public spheres: In a little more curious language, the unemergent public sphere and the counter responses to it.
However, innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.
And if you add the future state attitudes, you can get at unarticulated emerging needs and be out ahead of them.
For P&G, the aim is to discover unarticulated customer needs and open new markets.
"From a consumer perspective, Energizer's goal is to uncover the unmet or unarticulated need and then work with our award-winning scientists to deliver on those needs better than anyone else."
Overall, the book masterfully unpacks unarticulated yet historical memories of previous generations of southern Sudanese and Darfuris who had been enslaved in Egypt and the Ottoman Empire across the Mediterranean.
In 2013, "All Is Lost" proved a kind of seafaring equivalent to the actor's early frontier tale "Jeremiah Johnson," a movie that pivoted on little more than Redford's ability to hold the screen with native intelligence and deep reserves of unarticulated rage.
Marx's call to the pursuit of justice is invigorating, but the program is left unarticulated. Stances toward Israel are given scant space, and the violence of the 20th century is viewed mostly through the responses of survivors.
Ebola, the Islamic State, identity theft, school shootings, pink slime - we're adrift in an age of free-floating and unarticulated fears.
The unarticulated question hanging over the whole conversation asks where one encounters the image, works and words of God.
Serano calls on feminist and queer activists to "be on the lookout for novel, unarticulated, and underappreciated forms of sexism and marginalization," and insists that feminist "theories and activism should be flexible enough to acclimate to these newer double standards" (pp.
Another part of the PMA Fresh Connections: Retail program explores "psychographic segmentation." This type of consumer demarcation looks at personal data such as values, interests, activities, opinions and lifestyles, rather than demographics, to uncover consumers' needs and motivations, both articulated and unarticulated.
In short, I'm skeptical about the degree to which such schools embody the humane vision of education that lies, often unarticulated, at the core of our collective national consciousness.
The inebriated youth lurching through picture-perfect Prague could think of nothing better to do than curse it, perhaps because he had no hand it, had never built anything or been asked to, and had no urges he was unable to satisfy except for a great, unarticulated one: to become something other than what was expected of him, which was to get a job, buy things and get drunk if he can on the weekends.
Similarly Richie Beckett, his troubled crime boss in Channel Four's big autumn drama The Fear, is one of those amoral, seething pressure cookers of unarticulated rage we've seen on our screens a million times before.