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a disposition to be unapproachable

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(20) Such mental gymnastics are similar to those performed by readers of a poem like Paradise Lost, as they try, with the assistance of the poet, to access some portion of God's unapproachability.
This unapproachability, this sense of an object that reveals its most meaningful aspect only at distance, was perhaps what Virginia Woolf had in mind when envisioning the building around which the perceptual shifts of To the Lighthouse (1927) take place.
This relative unapproachability of the monument is what Benjamin calls an aura.
It is basically a function of the mind and is aroused by denial or unapproachability.
The attributes of Otto's mystical experience include his sense of God's unapproachability, His power to humble and His wrathfulness.
This is the case simply because, while Woolf's oeuvre may be frequently (mis)read as lacking in desire or sensuality, she is not generally thought of as possessing the same unapproachability or coldness that one associates with Eliot.
The queen of these displays is "Zu-Zu," a social climber hailing from indeterminate origins, who succeeds in her goal through public displays of crass materialism, flaunting for her aristocratic company her "marvelous skirts," the "costliness of [her] cobweb laces," the "unapproachability of [her] Indian shawls and gold embroideries," and her "mad fantasies and Cleopatra extravagances, and jewels fit for a Maharajah" (99).
The force of this painting derives, in large measure, from the tension between the access granted by the figure's disposition in space and the access denied by her near featurelessness--that is, in the apparent proximity of the figure and the contrasting signs of unapproachability.
By all accounts she was a preternaturally serious little girl, self-assured, disposed to silence but precise in speech, with an aura of unapproachability that discouraged all but the very determined or very frivolous.