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Synonyms for unappreciative

not showing or feeling gratitude

Words related to unappreciative

not feeling or expressing gratitude

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Concentrating on untended negative side is too judgemental and unappreciative.
Kim said Noe was stripped of her title last week because she was dishonest and unappreciative, and that she ran off with her tiara after learning of the decision.
If snowflakes were rare, the design of each one would be copied in detail, yet their abundance argues for the extravagance of their Maker, in lavishing them on an unappreciative world.
The man who came up the hard way to win an unexpected place in the sun at Wembley rather than the pampered and often unappreciative top-flight performers.
But people got lazy and unappreciative of this free gift, so the Creator diluted the syrup to a watery sap, making the people work for this sweet staple (see story insert on p.
That's not to say I'm unappreciative of their continued support, but I do like it when a pretty woman wants a picture with me
The roommate--a stand-in for society at large--is described as expressionless, dull, and unappreciative, with a face as blank "as a large Kleenex" (810) when confronted with a novel idea.
It is also based upon an all-to-familiar scenario common to almost anyone who has written their version of the 'Great American Novel' only to have it (and them) rejected by an unappreciative publishing community and a culture that values pop culture absurdity over literary erudition.
fulham 1 west brom 1 MARTIN JOL admits he is fed up with Fulham's unappreciative fans and their unrealistic expectations.
I am not unappreciative of the position Evile has in the music world; I know a lot of people would love to be where Evile are.
Yet, in spite of all of these things, most were either unaware or unappreciative of their characters.
Speaking in Durban today (March 18) at a Department of Labour (DoL) public hearing(s) on Taxi Sector minimum wage review, a South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (Satawu) representative described the Taxi Sector as an unappreciative industry in which employers were ungrateful of sacrifices of workers.
Having said this, it's about time someone made a comedy that didn't focus on high school students throwing wild parties, but instead parents trying to figure out how to deal with their unappreciative kids.
That's not to say people are unaware of the general fall in the number of crimes committed or that they are unappreciative of the great efforts the police have gone to in order to make the communities they serve more secure.
Throwing the blame on Customs officials and saying they are in cahoots with smugglers doesn't serve anyone and is highly unappreciative without evidence.