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not anticipated

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Unanticipatedly, within 10 days, for the first time in 3 years, the pain and tenderness of the CST abated, and within a month the CST disappeared.
Of particular interest is the possibility that major desired outcomes for this textual object (programmatic coherence, introduction of multimodality) are destabilized when coordinators (subjects) with potentially differing motives unanticipatedly interpret the document in different ways.
That legislation was a parallel measure that would allow voters to permanently repeal the corporate kicker, so that companies' unanticipatedly high tax payments can go into a state reserve instead of back to businesses in the form of tax credits.
Media reports had unanticipatedly constructed a blueprint for protesters.
The Democrats also further pulled themselves asunder as a result of a number of developments: government overreach at home; well-intentioned anti-poverty programs and expanded welfare efforts that unanticipatedly undermined individual initiative and morale; and the unintended consequences of extending the civil rights crusade into support for affirmative action quotas (a move initially opposed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and a majority of congressional Democrats including Hubert Humphrey).