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(of metal or glass) not annealed and consequently easily cracked or fractured


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The data shows a 40[degrees]F (22[degrees]C) difference between unannealed and annealed for an injection molded part, and 39[degrees]F (21[degrees]C) for the unannealed vs.
Atomic ratios of Sn and S in films of series CdS/SnS and ZnS/SnS Deposition Series ZnS/SnS Series CdS/SnS counts Sn : S Sn : S Atomic % Atomic % Unannealed one 50.95 48.04 50.18 49.82 two 53.44 46.56 50.20 49.80 three 56.09 43.60 50.69 49.31 460 [degrees]C 30 min one 55.46 44.54 51.34 48.66 two 53.02 46.98 51.44 48.56 three 55.17 44.83 52.69 47.31
By comparing the absorption spectra of annealed and unannealed solution with the template being immersed for 1 hour (Figure 5(a)), the annealed solution yields a higher light intensity at both peaks.
For love she drowned herself, and she was held accurst To pray for her neither simple nor gentle durst, And through the timeless years of poetry she slept Unmourned and unannealed, but Jesus wept.
1 shows the TGA/DTG curve for an unannealed sample of pure MnFe2O4 synthesized by the co-precipitation method.
MacArthur (Dugout Doug) nixed it, only to discover that the massive war stocks of .30-'06 were unannealed and worthless.
Unannealed electrolytic foils have relatively smaller grain sizes, while the grain sizes of rolled or annealed electroplated foils are larger (FIGURE 6).
The copolymer generally exhibited a single melting endotherm for its unannealed state, but displayed multiple endotherms after annealing.
Annealing sample VF1 for 3 h at 20[degree]C changed the microstructure very little from the unannealed reference sample FD2 shown in Fig.
Different materials which could be used as a substrate for thin ferromagnetic films were studied: Al foils (annealed and unannealed) and Si wafers.
Unhouseled, disappointed, unannealed. (Journals, p.
and repulsive carcass." Another referred to a saloongoer as a "miserable, unwashed, uncleansed, unannealed and graceless scamp." A third claimed that a saloongoer was a "horse-jockeying, gad-about sort of man, a frequenter of houses of ill-fame, a runner of a threshing machine....
A Prince-Rupert's-drop, which is a tear of unannealed glass, lasts indefinitely, if you keep it from meddling hands; but break its tail off, and it explodes and resolves itself into powder.
From the central characters in his first Nashville novel, At Heaven's Gate, to Jed Tewksbury in his final one, A Place to Come To, the unannealed grief of uncompleted lives is bound up with what Warren calls in Night Rider "that appetite for definition."
@ 0 F 1.4 1.5 Tensile Yield, psi 5858 5937 Tensile Break, psi 4869 4785 Elongation, % 76 77.2 Modulus, [10.sup.5] psi 3.33 3.53 Instrumented Impact @ 72 F 470 440 Instrumented Impact @ 0 F 130 120 Gardner Impact 94.7 96.2 DTUL, F Annealed 225 225 DTUL, F Unannealed 170 173 * SABIC Magnum ABS 9010: with a 25:1 letdown ratio using 60% Ti[O.sub.2] color concentrate and polyethylene glycol 400 MW.