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Antonyms for unanalyzed

not analyzed or broken down for detailed examination


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1] = 0 considering both samples analyzed using different chi-square distances and unanalyzed samples, given the configuration between sample sizes (n = 20, 50), number of variables (r) and different mixture probabilities ([gamma]).
There are all kinds of data available, much of which goes unnoticed, or at least unanalyzed.
While Derksen Siemens notes that the function of the matrons was both protection of maids from harassment in the workplace and moral regulation of their behavior in lines with Mennonite community norms, the gender issues within the church touched on by these interview excerpts are left largely unanalyzed.
As Duguid said in response to a question, information "was the unanalyzed term.
Hundreds of thousands of rape kits remain unanalyzed, partly because human analysts cannot interpret them properly while TrueAllele computing can.
They'll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves, an unrecorded, unanalyzed thought.
The Fort Worth Police Department received a grant in 2003 that allowed it to test unanalyzed rape kits.
Scientist say they have at least two more years of unanalyzed data left from the telescope's four years in space.
Revisiting Baudrillard's critique of the unanalyzed productivism of Marxism, Coulter observes this failure as a mirror of capitalism from which there is no escape for the Left.
The new research provides detailed information on the teeth of 88 additional specimens, including five previously unanalyzed hominid species, doubling the dataset, he said.
Which objects and materials, which architectural surfaces and structures, which institutions and publics were left unaddressed and unanalyzed in his negations?
It is a popular belief that around 23% of data is untagged and unanalyzed.
You see such an unanalyzed moral clarity in the laughter of such a child.
After all, web-derived content left unanalyzed is basically old news.