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Synonyms for unambiguous

clearly defined; not ambiguous

clearly, fully, and sometimes emphatically expressed

Synonyms for unambiguous

having or exhibiting a single clearly defined meaning

admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding

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Van der Weide concedes that the evidence is not unambiguous, but he notes that the team calculated the frequency at which Rabi-like oscillations would be expected for the quantum-dot pair.
In fact, the propagandistic strategies outlined in Mein Kampf bear an uncanny resemblance to the devices deployed by Kruger in her last installation: appeal to the emotions, not the intellect; present a one-sided, unambiguous point of view that reduces issues to simple either/or and us/them oppositions; etc.
These illustrations indicate CPAs normally must follow clear and unambiguous authorities even when they are opposed by clients.
2000), In Farley, the court followed an analysis similar to Hogue, and ruled that the language of the statute was unambiguous and required that excluded COD income pass through to the shareholders (with the concomitant tax benefits resulting therefrom).
"It's clear and unambiguous that there's a [Bose-Einstein] condensate there," says physicist Allan Griffin of the University of Toronto, "but you can't tell from the data the actual fraction of helium atoms that are in that state." Upcoming experiments by Wyatt may answer that question, Griffin adds.
But rather than locating eros in a single, unambiguous sex, whether male or female, his photographs honor it for the multiplicity of its expressions, for its variety, for the confusions of identity it creates.
It said the statute requiring a reduction in the holding period for days on which the investor owns a put is unambiguous, and the district court's construction of the regulations ignored the plain language of the statute, which does not require (or even use the phrase) a short position.
163(h)(2)(A) and the temporary regulation that contradicted the clear *** and unambiguous statute was invalid.
New measurements that track the motion of stars closer than ever before to the center of the galaxy provide "unambiguous" evidence that the Milky Way's core contains a black hole as massive as 2.6 million suns.
Earlier experiments by Packard's team and by Oliver Avenel of the Centre d'Etudes de Saclay in Gif-sur-Yvette, France, and his collaborators failed to furnish unambiguous evidence of oscillations.
Focusing on the plain language of the law, the court found that the word "omission" was unambiguous, the language of the statute clear.
Using fewer than half as many animals as 2-year rodent tests--the current gold standard for carcinogen identification--and taking only one-quarter as long, "we were able to get unambiguous data," explains Raymond W.
What's more, researchers warn that the public should not hold its breath waiting for the unambiguous detection of human-caused greenhouse warming.
The 1922 regulations removed this year-end requirement and replaced it with "reasonable intervals." The court concluded that it was not the Treasury's intent to remove unambiguous language and replace it with an ambiguous requirement with precisely the same meaning.
"The response to the iron was dramatic and fast and unambiguous. It was an overwhelming confirmation of the iron hypothesis," says Richard T.