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in an unalterable and unchangeable manner

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But at the same time the fact that the long-time Brussels insider, keen federalist and former Luxembourg prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker is main name in the fray to become the next head of the powerful European Commission suggests that the European project is unalterably steaming along a course towards closer union.
The Missouri Farmer, he said in 1928, "is unalterably opposed to any more bond issues for cross-state highways until something substantial has been done for the neglected dirt roads.
But there is one inexorable certainty that has been there all along, indeed unalterably since the time the US-led foreign armies invaded and occupied Afghanistan, ousted the Taliban, and put their collaborators, stooges and lackeys in positions of authority in the new power dispensation of the occupied state.
Democrats, a great many of them, are almost unalterably opposed to school choice programs because the teachers unions are opposed to them.
Many researchers are of the opinion that, for example, the use of two driving axles instead of one unalterably increases the vehicle's fuel consumption, irrespective of the parameters of power dividing units and of driving conditions (Vantsevich 2008; Stoilov, Kostadinov 2009; Vantsevich, Gray 2009).
Russia and China are unalterably opposed to applying force.
HSUS is unalterably opposed to hound hunting and it's a short jump from there to opposing bird dog hunting.
New York and California are for the foreseeable future unalterably Democrat.
And thus I am unalterably opposed to laws in many states .
With countries including the Netherlands and Britain unalterably opposed to the proposal, finance ministers from other countries said they would likely break away to institute the tax in a smaller group.
But Pakistan, which fancies itself India's strategic rival on the subcontinent, is unalterably opposed, and to some extent Indonesia seems to feel threatened by the prospect of an Indian seat.
No country appears unalterably on a path toward democratic governance, and for the people of the region and the US the stakes of long-term instability are high.
Levinas reflects on being as embodied existence, while considering the limitations of the being's physical and social circumstances and setting the being in the context of affective states such as pleasure, shame, nausea, and especially need relating to escape: "Escape is the need to get out of oneself, that is, to break that most radical and unalterably binding of chains, the fact that the I is oneself" (55).
Jailing Martin, Recorder Christopher Goodchild told her: "In terms of three other people, you have changed unalterably their lives by an act of really dangerous driving when you were half out of your mind with drugs and alcohol.