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not alike or similar

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at 2692 ("What the State of New York treats as alike the federal law deems unalike by a law designed to injure the same class the State seeks to protect.
But except for being the world's only two top-rated nuclear accidents, Fukushima and Chernobyl are unalike.
Plants in close proximity tended to be alike in disease status and those distant were unalike.
Ronnie reckons he and Barker clicked because they were so unalike.
Each of us were very alike but we've also always been very much unalike.
Mia of Dallas, Texas, gave birth to babies Justin and Jordan, now 11-months-old, just seven minutes apart and undertook a paternity test after finding the two looking very unalike.
In so many ways it helped me to know that the world did not end at my front door, nor at the borderline of my state, not even at the United States--and that human beings are more alike than we are unalike," she says.
Shteir concedes that both women played on nostalgia in their acts and that both aroused and deflected sexuality, but she argues that their style and their verbal moxie were unalike.
The two singers are not unalike, in their quality of voice and the quick vibrato (Lisa Della Casa also comes to mind).
It is a double portrait, a context for certain poems of Emily Dickinson and an enjoyable account of the relationship of these unalike, opposite characters.
My first question was not unalike Natasha's, "why are African people excluded as consumers or at the very least, potential consumers of these products?
Who are these drastically unalike people, so incongruously allied at seventy-one and thirty-four?
Readers are reminded, however, by the pies that the two companies pass off from one to another--not to mention, the passenger Camille--that fundamentally Sweetheart and Greyhound are not unalike.