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not alike or similar

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The adoption of this suggestion would result in acknowledgement of the traditional concept of vertical equity which "call[s] for an appropriate differentiation among unequals." (127) Stated another way, "vertical equity requires that unalikes be treated unalike in proportion to their unalikeness." (128) By differentiating between sophisticated and unsophisticated taxpayers, the recommended solution achieves the tax policy goal of vertical equity.
The old adage "we are more alike each other than unalike" was never embraced in the 1964 New York Riots.
Enjoyment derived while reading Danny's journals is not restricted only to those who might actually live in a similar situation as found during 1800s Bluff Point; the setting, family dynamics, behaviors and verbiage of the era presented while differing from those of the modern day are really not all that unalike. Siblings tend to fuss, enjoy good times, and help one one another today as then.
The final bracket includes unalike quantities that define the collapsing nature of the source.
In an intriguing although unequal contribution that a wide number of authors make to the political dimension of human rights in the 21st century (VVAA, 2015), they have been displayed as a battlefield where they have found unalike discourses and practices, often irreconcilable.
UnAlike India, which received encouragement and enAAAAriched uranium from both Nato and Warsaw Pact countries, PakisAtan's nucAlear effort has largely been solo.
The two girls are as unalike as chalk and cheese--one girly, the other geeky.
Can you think of any two people more unalike than Gordon Ramsay and Gino D'Acampo?
In the poem "Human Family," she wrote, "I note the obvious differences between each sort and type, but we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.
It would be difficult to find two books on Abraham Lincoln published in the same year and yet more unalike in their conclusions than Sidney Blumenthal's Wrestling with His Angel (the second installment in his multi-volume survey of Lincoln's "political life") and Elizabeth Brown Pryor's Six Encounters with Lincoln.
If you develop the art of seeing us as more alike than we are unalike, then all stories are understandable."
Hence, in weighing the moral valency of intention (cetana) in both criminal and retributivist senses, it is possible to see these as unalike in kind, if not intensity.
The other augmentation of this method can be listed as the threshold voltage outcome value is exclusive ([V.sub.TH]) for all operating regions unalike outcomes of other extraction methods that normally generate [V.sub.TH] in the linear region ([V.sub.TLIN]) and [V.sub.TH] in the saturation region ([V.sub.TSAT]).
Mills sees these questions as indicating that his children's "...minds and garden-hearts could already lisp / In metaphors," could sense the existence of a world beyond this fallen one we live in, and "Could see the world that isn't there, could smell / The sweetly fecal scent of fallen fruit / That issues out of symbols like a spell." Paradoxically, "The Fall was knowing what it meant 'to stand,'" a statement reflecting the poet's belief that all things like and unalike are deeply interconnected.