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not alike or similar

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As, we know that XOR & AND operations give unalike results with 75% probability ratio.
And while you might imagine Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe were as unalike as two actors could be, they shared one quality -- an odd manner of speaking.
Sexily ever after: You realise how unalike you are.
Perhaps judgments that a policy treats like cases unalike will always presuppose a normative view about which cases are 'alike', and some such views might be as resilient as the Value Judgment and General Welfare Defenses.
Also, since the projects bidden by the residential companies are usually similar, they simply do not consider bidding for unalike jobs.
At sentencing, the justice system struggles to pursue two competing strands of equality at the same time: treating like cases alike while treating unlike cases unalike.
Of course, Gaza and Ramallah were always, in some ways, unalike.
This may be because these practices belong to different registers of social life, because they perform unalike functions, because they make use of unrelated tools, etc.
Three of the boys, unalike physically or in their mannerisms, begin talking animatedly about their economics teacher who, one of them claims, "ignited" him.
They loved each other but they couldn't have been more unalike.
The reference to the migratory experience as akin to a kind of space travel exemplifies how Diaz creatively adapts intertextual material throughout his novel in order to relate the experience of people navigating between spaces so unalike as the United States and the Dominican Republic, a translation that for Dominican-Americans is not uni-directional, but as Yunior expresses: "[e]very summer Santo Domingo slaps the Diaspora into reverse, yanks back as many of its expelled children as it can" (271).
Moreover, these authors indicate that thermal variability observed in the two Mediterranean basins has unalike impacts: in the western Mediterranean, SST is statistically associated with the atmospheric deep convection over the Gulf of Guinea, while in the eastern Mediterranean the SST variability forces the atmospheric circulation over the North African subcontinent.
Esperanza prefaces this comment by explaining that although she and Nenny seem unalike, they share "other things which I can't explain" (17), one of which is their affiliation with and knowledge of Mexico.