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Synonyms for unalert

not alert to what is potentially dangerous

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In Getaway: Driving Techniques for Escape and Evasion, Ronald George Eriksen 2 draws on the code system of awareness used by the 82nd Airborne: "In Condition Green, you are completely relaxed and unalert.
Desertification or progressive ice covering afflicts that inner life of people in all physical climates and can take over among unalert believers, including us.
troops in Bosnia in December 1995 from the 1st Brigade of the Army's 1st Armored Division: "During the time I spent with them I never saw a soldier out of uniform, a dirty weapon, an unalert warrior, and I never heard a leader raise his voice.
Moreover, not far under the surface was a rippling wit that the unalert might from time to time gloss over - as when, a couple of Christmases back, Alvin's card was a picture of a missile and a toe, with the comment, "I just couldn't resist
This seems a reasonable point to draw to the reader's attention (though it would be a particularly unalert reader who had not fathomed this much).
Based on the aforementioned considerations and empirical data distributions, we assumed the following: For unalert drivers (not expecting the lead car to brake), perception reaction time would average 0.