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Synonyms for unagitated

not physically disturbed or set in motion


not agitated or disturbed emotionally

not agitated

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Then, we kept it unagitated for 24 h until PPy powders were settled down.
However, any fair and unagitated person could not detect any negative aspects in interaction at a disturbing level.
The solid particles sedimented at the bottom of the tank behave like a porous medium, therefore, the level of the liquid in the tank and the level in the manometer tube are the same at unagitated condition.
(2001) suggested a minimum of 40 sub-samples for unagitated manures.
This, "while he, the cold blooded villain, who, without one principle of honour, one glow of generous feeling, one impulse of love, with his senses clear, and his heart unagitated by passion, calmly and coolly puts in practice all his shameless machinations to deceive the heart, and betray the confidence of her, whose warmest affections he has excited and blasted" (p.
Coatings will tend to settle if left unagitated for long periods of time, making them unfit for use.
A vertical, unagitated tower with internal tubes for heat transfer-an LFR (CdF, Nova, many Asian polystyrene producers).
.' The common, but cultured, reader may be more resilient than even as unagitated a commentator as DeMaria is prepared to allow.