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not aggressive

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We must employ force simply as the servant of liberty, and under the strongest conditions that liberty would impose upon it; we must refuse utterly and in everything to employ it so as to deprive the innocent and unaggressive citizen of his own will and self-guidance.
The dummy takes a value of zero (i.e., indicating an unaggressive exit) for all expected board resignations and for all unexpected board resignations that occur due to: 1) personal reasons of the exiting director, 2) reasons of governance compliance, and 3) exits that did not occur due to serious disagreements between the exiting director and the remaining board members or managers of the company.
Ferrer was so unaggressive, FEU found no need to come up with a double team.
The committee commented that the cartoon tiger used in the logo was unaggressive and nonthreatening, but noted that if the logo were changed to a more aggressive tiger that the committee may not reach the same conclusion.
But you must do it in a very unaggressive and unargumentative way.
Like many people, she thought beekeeping was dangerous, but Buckley soon taught her that she had no reason to fear these highly social and surprisingly unaggressive insects.
her method was a deliberate though unaggressive break with the traditional practice of that time." (47) Bryan presented her ideas along with demonstrations from her classroom at a meeting of the National Education Association in (1890) .
Vogel (2011), Kathleen (2001), Ian (2011), Jemo (2008) and Agbodike (1992) have highlighted cut in library budgets (funding), unaggressive government policies, lack of basic infrastructure (resources/Internet), inadequate library activities and services geared towards promoting democracy, attitudinal factors (poor reading culture/ ignorance) and inadequate training of librarians as some of the problems hindering the success of these ideals.
Koontz, 1987)--, by the usually harmless and unaggressive animals (Cujo, Stephen King, 1981), birds (The Birds, Daphne Du Maurier, 1952) or insects (The Swarm, Arthur Herzog, 1974) which, under certain conditions, became bloodthirsty, by the terrifying beasts coming from the endless galactic space (The Space Vampires, Colin Wilson, 1976; the trilogy composed of Alien, 1979, Aliens, 1986, Alien 3, 1992, Alan Dean Foster), from God-forgotten deserts (The Djinn, Graham Masterton, 1977), from the abysses of oceans (Jaws, Peter Benchley, 1974; Wurm, 1991, Matthew J.
It therefore becomes vital to pay heed to Foucault's insistence on an "unaggressive scepticism which makes it a principle not to regard the point in time where we are now standing as the outcome of a teleological progression" (1980e, page 50).
There was a joke among his relatives that the Vivantes were a little "recessive," by which they meant unaggressive and even other-worldly, a whole household of Ferdinand the Bulls, but the house is stamped by his personalityunstudied, passionate, gentle, and witty in a deep and slightly gloomy way.
The game was categorized as Non-Violent which were rated by Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) as for Everyone, which had no violence, no blood, no bad language, and had an unaggressive story line.
Chinese diplomacy is the exact opposite of Israeli state behavior -- it is discreet, unaggressive, and, well, that's about all we know about Chinese diplomacy in the Middle East for now.
"That may well force greater urgency upon the ECB," Credit Suisse analysts said of the prospect of softening inflation, arguing that fading price pressures made it harder for the ECB to stick with its relatively unaggressive policy stance.
COVENTRY'S Warwick Arts Centre warns that comedian Mark Watson's new show may contain optional audience interaction, games, improvisation and unaggressive banter.