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not affected

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Whitman's friend, Richard Maurice Bucke, reported that he had heard Whitman read "Mystic Trumpeter" "in a manner which singularly combined strong emphasis with the very realization of self-composure, simplicity and ease," further noting that "his voice is firm, magnetic, and with a certain peculiar quality we heard an admiring auditor call unaffectedness.
Similarly, self-esteem may mean arrogance, or a groundless confidence, or a charming and puppyish unaffectedness.
Attempting to adopt the unaffectedness of a fictional detective, Gaylord nevertheless remains emotionally defeated.
The Arcadian theme was wholly appropriate to Pelham; not only to his sudden, unexpected death at the height of his career, but equally to the admired facets of his character--his sincerity and integrity, his common sense, his humility and unaffectedness, his calm restraint that kept the peace.
While I find his differences delightful, we must be prepared to deal with the fact that highly socialized 'normals' tend not to share our appreciation for such transparency, innocence, and unaffectedness.
The apparent simplicity and unaffectedness of the forms might lend itself to the vagaries of Portugal's relatively unsophisticated construction industry, but that is not to say that this is uncomplicated architecture.
It is edifying to observe both the anxiety and the unaffectedness that poets may exhibit in the calculated use or interjection of English lines, phrases, or words.
As a playground leader and aspiring teacher, I love children and admire their innocence and unaffectedness.