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violating aesthetic canons or requirements


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Neither the beautiful, nor the profoundly unaesthetic political reality of a city--and arguably a country--that has lost even the memory of its own historicity can sustain Jep in his old age.
As the 1918 manifesto declared: 'Art must be unaesthetic in the extreme, useless, and impossible to justify.
On the North Indian plains, moon and starlight did not infuse the land with luxuriance but they might suspend supposedly unaesthetic 'barrenness', thereby pleasantly 'cheating the eye' (Roberts, 1835: 220).
The reason why natural objects do not move us aesthetically is that they are "clogged with unaesthetic matter (e.
The condo project, according to our sensus communis (common sense), produces an unaesthetic view.
Skin Care Applications: Eyedeline marine ingredient can be incorporated into any product developed for global care of the eye contour area as it corrects the three main unaesthetic signs: dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.
In their introduction to The Abject of Desire, Kulzbach and Mueller (2007) discuss strategies of aestheticizing the unaesthetic by and in cultural representations, trying to open up philosophical definitions of the aesthetic.
Her main complaints were unaesthetic appearance difficulty during speech and chewing.
The veils and salt crusts that blur mural paintings are the most unaesthetic and disturb the vision.
The displays become three-dimensional catalogues, which at their best conjure the deliberately unaesthetic and faintly amateurish atmosphere of a trade show or science fair, and at their worst a heavy-handed, pedantic didacti-cism--balconies on a balcony, corridors in a corridor.
From a customers point of view, it is a nuisance to carry large number of coins everywhere, making the wallet heavy, clumsy and unaesthetic.
Eating anything by killing is irreligious, unspiritual and unaesthetic.
These included: slow downloading of the site's pages, poor structure, deep architecture, missing information, inappropriate choice of colors, unaesthetic design, and orphan pages.
It has been reported that surgical exposure followed by orthodontic traction of horizontally impacted maxillary central incisors can result in unaesthetic gingival tissue of the exposed incisor, requiring periodontal surgery [11].