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lacking in boldness

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Robert Eid has stated that the sound presentations indicate the potency of the banking industry and the compassionate setting of the economy over and above the bank s constant attention to accomplish maintainable enlargement in combination with an unadventurous ethos for credit segment.
e ou who don't Lafferty claimed an unwanted double as he saw two goals ruled out for offside as the hosts dominated the clash against the unadventurous Luxembourg.
Home captain Rob Key, having posted an unadventurous half-century from 114 balls, was unbeaten with 55 while Ben Harmison kept him company for two hours, limping to 27 not out.
Call me unadventurous but you know where you are with a hamster.
CAIRO: Ahmed Elmohamady's Sunderland were punished for an unadventurous display after losing 1-0 at promoted West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League on Saturday.
The writing was on the wall from the start as Hull boss Nigel Pearson employed a fairly unadventurous 4-5-1 formation.
The architecture is largely unadventurous, but a section on proposed new mosques across Europe shows the potential for more inventive approaches.
The young man who looked after Adams's house, and helped himself to tea and biscuits for a few weeks, was the distinctly unadventurous Stephen Fry.
The Spaniard has built a reputation of being cautious and unadventurous, but in their last eight matches in all competitions they have scored 27 goals.
So Mason sets off with his best friend Crowel, armed with a book entitled Quayle's Guide to Adventures for the Unadventurous, to find some brave heroes to come to the village's defense.
More may be required after a season where - despite notable exceptions such as Reading - too many teams suffered a relapse, playing unadventurous and needlessly direct football.
Nordstrom's style is indebted to others and his subjects are largely throwbacks to blase society life, but that doesn't mean they register as bland or unadventurous.
While it would be wrong to suggest that Scorsese sold out in order to finally achieve some Oscar glory - there's too much evident directorial joy in ``The Aviator'' for that to have been the case - he has clearly made accommodations for unadventurous academy tastes.