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not addressed


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The DMA said it can stop "a significant proportion" of unaddressed mail if contacted by homeowners.
The firm added that unaddressed junk deliveries were down 8 per cent - or 246 million items - in the 12 months to September 2015.
New figures published in Marketing Week show that unaddressed mail marketing is actually growing - and fast.
Dutch mail and express shipping group TNT NV (Euronext Amsterdam:TNT) said on Wednesday that it has entered into an agreement to sell its German unaddressed mail business, TNT Direktwerbung, to its current management team.
This guide summarizes the challenges and opportunities that, if left unaddressed, will curtail Americans' competitiveness and diminish their standing in the world.
Poor government is often typified by showpiece projects, when the most basic requirements of the electorate remain unaddressed.
Adele Lynn furnishes 50 activities that show team members how to deal with problems such as lack of self-awareness, unresolved but unaddressed conflict, and disconnects between intentions and effects.
Crosslink EMPAC is a true film former so it provides even coverage, ensuring corners aren't left exposed to a problem that, when unaddressed by current coating systems, leads to part rejects and yield loss due to leakage.
But a lurking unaddressed issue affecting the higher relocation benefits is that it may not apply to the hundreds of tenants currently facing evictions.
Unaddressed mail can be reduced by contacting the Royal Mail at optout@royalmail.
How those security concerns went unaddressed until so late in the design phase has been the subject of much speculation.
It also attacked both the government and the ESA for not monitoring the project closely enough and allowing weaknesses to go unaddressed.
If this is left unaddressed, then when the inevitable does occur and the expectation is not met, we have someone who is twice as angry: e.
Administrators continue to identify ways to strengthen programs that are working well and to establish programs that flu previously unaddressed student needs.