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Synonyms for unadapted

not changed in form or character for a purpose

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not having adapted to new conditions


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In the presence of low oxygen levels, unadapted or hypoxia-sensitive organisms display physiological responses that stimulate specific metabolic pathways to increase ATP production, and under such condition, there is a marked shift from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism.
Under semi-arid conditions, there is a maladjustment between ambience and ecological optimum for most unadapted crops.
The results of the energy balance do not reach a sufficient outcome in the herein used unadapted model approaches for the wall heat transfer.
The unadapted environment is the one that "disable the person, because of the architectural obstacles, but not only, and in this relationship, taking the responsibility becomes mandatory for each of us" (UNICEF, 2013: 8).
We are not currently seeking unadapted stage plays or other literature.
Tanksley and Nelson (1996) were the first researcher applied the MABC to successfully introgress QTLs from unadapted germplasm to an elite breeding line.
They were forced to move into the unadapted apartment when the Government's hated Bedroom Tax came in.
For intermediate students of classical Greek, Mannetter provides a bridge from a first-year textbook to unadapted texts by explaining at length each word in the first book of Plato's Republic, this volume covering the first 12 chapters.
Referring to a young subject, completely unadapted to the dry medium (due to lack of walking and of dynamic activities performed from the orthostatism position), the adaptation to aquatic medium required special attention in this case.
18%), had an unadapted SOM ratio (too positive according to the authors because it is located within the limits of positive monologue, between 0.
He relies on a wheelchair for much of the time but found the rehabilitation hard work in his unadapted home.
Intended especially for college-level students of Latin, A Roman Women Reader is filled with 780 lines of unadapted Latin text in 21 readings from a wide array of sources, a complete vocabulary, exhaustive commentary reading, and a suggested reading time line.
The species has not been improved for productivity and most of the projects relied on naturally occurring unadapted populations, which are a result of the few initial introductions (Basha and Sujatha, 2007).
This text provides the unadapted Latin text of the Thebaid Book 5.
ind], days)--the period during which the unadapted activate sludge is adapted to the test surfactant (or surfactant-containing composition).