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not adaptable


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Effects of flesinoxan on the abnormality of emotion and organs of mice induced by exposure to unadaptable stress
PERHAPS Native Son has proven so hard to adapt successfully because, like Henry James's The Turn of the Screw, it is essentially unadaptable.
Written by Charlie Kaufman, this movie centers on a high-minded screenwriter named Charlie Kaufman, who's been commissioned to adapt an unadaptable book, called "Adaptation," into film.
These collectively made many cultivars of popcorn unadaptable to the agro-ecologies of Nigeria [11].
Parkes explained that, with Talmudic learning behind them, Jews entered the nineteenth century as "not a fossil but a ferment, not a solid phalanx of rigid and unadaptable fundamentalists, but a lively and attractive section of the world's life.
To demonstrate this point, I first examine the reaction of the Warner Brothers story department to Native Son and to Ann Petry's novel The Street (1946), to argue that it was the narrative ideal of Burbanking that made these novels unadaptable to Hollywood film.
The argument here is not that the Defense Department is hopelessly unadaptable to the deconventionalized global strategic environment--only that its force-structure bias toward conventional combat is long-standing and well entrenched, and that overcoming it will entail fundamental change in how US military forces are organized, equipped, manned, and trained.
Routines stabilize mood and reduce resistance among children and are especially important for temperamentally irregular, unadaptable children, she said.
It is a large question but the present study suggests that ritual may be a factor in enabling business owners to act unreflectively and in an unadaptable manner by allowing them to inhabit a world that no longer exists.
Adapting the unadaptable sometimes wins votes in this category, and may have played into support for "American Splendor," in which the first-time feature scribe team managed to weave a lightly life-affirming tale from the antics of gloomy-Gus antihero Harvey Pekar, who recorded his mundane travails in an underground comicbook series.
The real reason that casework system sales have not grown as expected in this country is that conventional casework systems are inherently unadaptable.
Perhaps the magic spark of the books, their life force, is just plain unadaptable at the end of the day.
LIBERAL Democrats in Wales say Welsh farming must rid itself of its "risk-averse, unadaptable attitude" if it is to have a brighter future.
The evidence showed that this facility was used solely to assist students with their pronunciation in modern foreign languages--a use which would seem peculiarly unrelated and unadaptable to religious indoctrination.
Some experts considered population size and infrastructure complexities in larger metropolises unadaptable to the commission form.