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the inability to change or be changed to fit changed circumstances

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And much as Karel Reisz and Harold Pinter made some clever decisions while never truly cracking the essential unadaptability of John Fowles' novel, so do LaBute & Co.
The negative effects of acculturation are more likely to threaten the older generation male, who because of his unadaptability and loss of power in the larger social structures of the culture, is viewed by the younger males as a failure.
Besides, because of the government's ineffective strategy and the unadaptability to jungle warfare of much of their equipment, the American troops fought a most disheartening and frustrating campaign, literally with "one hand tied behind their back.
Generally, unadaptability (due to low skills or little experience) and positive misconduct (insubordination, violation of rules, dishonesty, fighting, and intoxication) accounted for the greatest number.