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not actable


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I mentioned to him that Hazlitt, the early 19th century essayist and theatre critic, declared that Lear was unactable due to the intense horrors heaped upon the old man's head making it almost impossible for an actor to convey such things adequately.
While Eliot complains that the melancholy Dane lacks sufficient motivation for his debilitating hesitance, Auden asserts that the role is purposefully made unactable by the playwright.
This unactable drama is combined in these two volumes with much briefer and stageable pieces.
These plays have the reputation of being unactable and unreadable, but they set a new example that prepared the ground for the great Neoclassical tragedians Pierre Corneille and Jean Racine.
Nothing in his stage plays is quite so touching or dramatic as the unactable moment in his idyll Lancelot and Elaine when Elaine creates a mindscape in which Lancelot is conscious she is looking at him.
during which Delacroix was working intensely on his Decapitation of Doge Marino Faliero (Wallace Collection), a subject from a tragedy by Byron which Byron perceptively conceded was unactable.
As for the text, the editor's heroic attempt to make it accessible demonstrates why the play is probably unactable.
41) It is possible that Marston circulated a text that was unactable in its entirety.
Sagay's screenplay, her first, features unactable dialogue that probably looked smart on paper but sounds phony in real people's mouths, and the conspicuous lack of chemistry between the bored-looking Firth and well-laundered Long hardly aids belief in their transgressive romance.