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Synonyms for unacquainted

Synonyms for unacquainted

not knowledgeable about something specified


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having little or no knowledge of

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Not one of the party, excepting the leader, had ever seen an Indian or handled a rifle; they were without guide or interpreter, and totally unacquainted with "wood craft" and the modes of making their way among savage hordes, and subsisting themselves during long marches over wild mountains and barren plains.
My brother," said Louis, sinking his voice, "I have undergone miseries with which my poorest gentlemen are unacquainted.
I know full well how changed I am, I know you are not unacquainted with my history, and I know what a noble love that is which is so faithful.
I would gladly have sent my husband away to Caroline with all our goods, and have come after myself, but this was impracticable; he would never stir without me, being himself perfectly unacquainted with the country, and with the methods of settling there or anywhere else.
Cefin felt confident going into the challenge, and said: "I was born and raised on a farm holding outside Llanllyfni, so I'm not unacquainted with this life.
He said: "I was born and raised on a farm holding outside Llanllyfni so I'm not unacquainted with this kind of life.
This is the point at which we seek out a style, a look, an approach or attitude, generally to attain a style or period that we are unacquainted with, or to freshen up ourselves with what is trendy, new or successful.
Those unacquainted with hunting or the processing of meat might not find Desportes' canvas of exquisitely rendered butchered lamb and plucked fowl, some wrapped in leaf lard, suitable for decorating their homes.
Heidegger is somewhat reluctant to reflect on the quote, given that he is unacquainted with its author and does not have access to any of his texts.
I will wait as your infant tongue will wait, Unacquainted, for the first taste of cherry.
The primer is intended for association executives who are unacquainted with today's most popular methods for leveraging content to expand a live event's audience and generate new income.
Young readers and those unacquainted with Arcellana's extensive body of work can look them up in the UP Press.
For the unacquainted, the popularity of quidditch in the wizarding world can be compared to the passion for football in the muggle (non-magical) one.
If you are unacquainted with Green Day's concept album of the same title, you may struggle early on to know what's happening.
An Amsterdam-set prologue makes no attempt whatsoever to explain the "Bad Education" setup to viewers unacquainted with its three successful seasons, but it's easy enough to grasp: Overmatched history teacher Alfie Wickers (Whitehall) struggles to discipline his class on an educational tour to the Anne Frank Museum, before himself becoming the instigator of mayhem (and pratfalling into a dank canal) following the accidental ingestion of magic mushrooms.