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not recognized or admitted

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not openly acknowledged

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My heart was heavy that morning: I felt the unacknowledged estrangement that had grown up between us very keenly.
But the unacknowledged distrust in him (when he looked at her) betrayed itself in his eye.
And Natalie's unacknowledged husband placidly looked on.
It had been a strange love-scene--the central radiance unacknowledged from first to last.
With this notion, all unacknowledged, but nevertheless getting firmly settled in my head, I now began to imitate his covert looks; so that we sat at table like a cat and a mouse, each stealthily observing the other.
The cause of this is not to be found in any local superstition that attaches to the Precincts--albeit a mysterious lady, with a child in her arms and a rope dangling from her neck, has been seen flitting about there by sundry witnesses as intangible as herself--but it is to be sought in the innate shrinking of dust with the breath of life in it from dust out of which the breath of life has passed; also, in the widely diffused, and almost as widely unacknowledged, reflection:
The sensations that I could trace to herself and to me, the unacknowledged sensations that we were feeling in common, were not these.
The delicacy guiding her choice to the least valuable and most dilapidated articles passed unacknowledged, because Winnie's philosophy consisted in not taking notice of the inside of facts; she assumed that mother took what suited her best.
A carriage at the gate, and Mortimer's man arrives, looking rather like a spurious Mephistopheles and an unacknowledged member of that gentleman's family.
Lady Katherine Knollys: The Unacknowledged Daughter of King Henry VIII is a biography of Katherine Knollys (1524-1569), the daughter of King Henry VIII's mistress Mary Boleyn, before he married her sister Anne Boleyn.
Summary: American higher education is the only unacknowledged U.
In a recent article in the journal of astropolitics, The International Journal of Space Politics & Policy, we learn about "the role of unacknowledged classified programmes", which has evidently remained "an enigma for fully understanding activities in space and the study of astropolitics.
We know that children cannot effectively learn if they are feeling threatened or scared or if underlying behavioral or emotional challenges go unacknowledged or unaddressed," said Clark.
UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: "Young people have been the unacknowledged victims of the recession, with those in work seeing their wages fall and those out of work seeing their opportunities reduced.
His influence in the Latin American Church and his unique perspective on Latin American theology remains largely unacknowledged elsewhere: this collection provides a solid blend of Christian and social perspectives and is a 'must' for any Christian theology holding.