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not recognized or admitted

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not openly acknowledged

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With this notion, all unacknowledged, but nevertheless getting firmly settled in my head, I now began to imitate his covert looks; so that we sat at table like a cat and a mouse, each stealthily observing the other.
Tudor's uncle had married an English lady who was third cousin to a living lord, and Amy regarded the whole family with great respect, for in spite of her American birth and breeding, she possessed that reverence for titles which haunts the best of us--that unacknowledged loyalty to the early faith in kings which set the most democratic nation under the sun in ferment at the coming of a royal yellow-haired laddie, some years ago, and which still has something to do with the love the young country bears the old, like that of a big son for an imperious little mother, who held him while she could, and let him go with a farewell scolding when he rebelled.
Thus, all the while Hepzibah was perfecting the scheme of her little shop, she had cherished an unacknowledged idea that some harlequin trick of fortune would intervene in her favor.
The cause of this is not to be found in any local superstition that attaches to the Precincts--albeit a mysterious lady, with a child in her arms and a rope dangling from her neck, has been seen flitting about there by sundry witnesses as intangible as herself--but it is to be sought in the innate shrinking of dust with the breath of life in it from dust out of which the breath of life has passed; also, in the widely diffused, and almost as widely unacknowledged, reflection:
The delicacy guiding her choice to the least valuable and most dilapidated articles passed unacknowledged, because Winnie's philosophy consisted in not taking notice of the inside of facts; she assumed that mother took what suited her best.
A carriage at the gate, and Mortimer's man arrives, looking rather like a spurious Mephistopheles and an unacknowledged member of that gentleman's family.
She was not prepared to see her own darkest forebodings -- the unacknowledged offspring of her hatred for Magdalen -- realized as she saw them realized now.
If he felt a respect for her thrift it was completely unacknowledged.
Gaustad's slim new volume Roger Williams (Oxford) provides not just an excellent introduction to the man but a deep analysis of his largely unacknowledged influence on our political and cultural life.
But robot tales also uncover our own unacknowledged responsibility for much that goes on in the world.
Gouk's work goes unacknowledged, as do studies of the early modern shift in approaches to grammar and linguistics, the gradual construction of a science of acoustics, and the scavenger hunt for a universal language (which led some of the more evangelical British colonists to hear Indians speaking Hebrew).
In a war during which the heroism of America's young warriors seems curiously unacknowledged, Jessica Lynch has been singled out as one of the few exceptions.
From the fawning coverage of the celebrity mom to the staging of the "mommy wars," media messages about mothers, the authors maintain, have been fueled by unacknowledged conservative--and ultimately unattainable--mores.
Lady Bird Johnson's fears about her husband's emotional health were so profound that she admitted in mid-1965 to buying a black silk dress, "having, in the back of my mind when I bought it, the grim, unacknowledged thought that I might need a black dress for a funeral.