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impossible to achieve

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But unachievable regulations like the tightened ozone standard fail to advance that goal and cause tremendous harm to our economy in the process.
So it's easy to forget that in other parts of the world even the most basic education is seen as an almost unachievable ideal.
While gun drilling may be the baseline process, our proprietary innovations have taken gun drilling to levels unachievable throughout the precision deep hole drilling industry.
The report, published in Political Quarterly, says: "The Scottish government has led the way in the pursuit of ambitious renewable energy objectives, but it is still the case that without the subsidies paid by electricity consumers in the rest of the UK, the Scottish government's ambitious targets for renewable energy would be politically unachievable.
Labour have pledged to eradicate all child poverty by 2020, this target is unachievable say Save the Children.
He further said that the government has continued to rely on unachievable economic figures and has emphasized on tax collection without setting growth targets in any sector.
The 24-year-old east Londoner, only three weeks after completing a one-year suspension for missing three out-of-competition drugs tests, bounced back to score what many thought would be an unachievable victory.
Benefits include the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to levels said to be unachievable using current technology, and PMPOs that are only very slightly discoloured due to a much lower processing temperature.
The car manufacturers say that the new targets are unachievable and could result in thousands of job losses as it could render them uncompetitive.
The day after the election, Bush again vowed to stay there until victory, as unachievable as that now is.
At a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the new residence hall, City College officials praised The Towers' team for achieving what many had claimed would be unachievable in such a short period of time.
But many businesses fear the bill will saddle them with unachievable goals and ultimately drive businesses away.
And it is unachievable because it is inconceivable.
He's the guy who's achieved the seemingly unachievable - shooSlie fourth series of The Simple Life, despite the fact its stars, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, now hate each other.