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  • adj

Synonyms for unaccustomed

not used to


  • not used to
  • unfamiliar with
  • unused to
  • not given to
  • a newcomer to
  • a novice at
  • inexperienced at
  • unversed in
  • unpractised in
  • a newbie to


  • used to
  • given to
  • experienced at
  • practised in
  • well-versed in

Antonyms for unaccustomed

not habituated to


not customary or usual

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References in classic literature ?
It showed the familiar scene of the street with the distinctness of mid-day, but also with the awfulness that is always imparted to familiar objects by an unaccustomed light The wooden houses, with their jutting storeys and quaint gable-peaks; the doorsteps and thresholds with the early grass springing up about them; the garden-plots, black with freshly-turned earth; the wheel-track, little worn, and even in the market-place margined with green on either side -- all were visible, but with a singularity of aspect that seemed to give another moral interpretation to the things of this world they had ever borne before.
Meriem, entirely unaccustomed to the companionship of such as Baynes, was fascinated by him.
From there on the homeward journey was slow, as these proud fighting men were unaccustomed to the duties of porters.
We walked with a regular step, which rang upon the ground with astonishing intensity; the slightest noise was transmitted with a quickness to which the ear is unaccustomed on the earth; indeed, water is a better conductor of sound than air, in the ratio of four to one.
From this it came to pass that Italy fell partly into the hands of the Church and of republics, and, the Church consisting of priests and the republic of citizens unaccustomed to arms, both commenced to enlist foreigners.
We distort a dozen sickly trees into unaccustomed shapes in a little yard no bigger than a dining room, and then surely they look absurd enough.
That he had been able to turn his hands at all to such unaccustomed labor was a source of mild wonder to him.
The unaccustomed coarse food, the vodka he drank during those days, the absence of wine and cigars, his dirty unchanged linen, two almost sleepless nights passed on a short sofa without bedding- all this kept him in a state of excitement bordering on insanity.
The poor fellow's withered face brightened slowly and timidly, as if he were half incapable, half afraid, of indulging in the unaccustomed luxury of a smile.
The boards creaked beneath their tread, as if resenting the unaccustomed intrusion; nimble spiders, paralysed by the taper's glare, checked the motion of their hundred legs upon the wall, or dropped like lifeless things upon the ground; the death-watch ticked; and the scampering feet of rats and mice rattled behind the wainscot.
For those of you unaccustomed to being employed by the charity sector let me explain.
Even the foodies of Tel Aviv, hitherto unaccustomed to leaving their own culinary mecca, began making pilgrimages.
Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital, is regarded as more conservative than its cosmopolitan neighbour, Dubai, which is more frequented by Western travellers unaccustomed to the Islamic call to prayer.
Beaten to nil last week by Michael van Gerwen, the 16-time world champion finds himself in the unaccustomed position of underdog in tonight's Premier League clash with Adrian Lewis, in Bournemouth.
I, too, have taken root, like a sore vessel unaccustomed to the sea.