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lacking official approval

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Since the SEC implemented its crowdfunding rules under Title III of the JOBS Act last May, 335 companies filed crowdfunding offerings with the SEC and there were 26 portals registered with FINRA for unaccredited investors, the report states.
He claimed that Trump University was unaccredited and taught students get-richquick schemes.
com/article/us-trump-nyag-lawsuit-idUSKCN0I52MW20141016) unaccredited institution said he would rule "very soon" on a motion filed by the Washington Post to unseal documents in the suit, according to (http://fox5sandiego.
We have come across cases in which foreign tourists are being betrayed by unaccredited tour operators.
Some for-profits offered unaccredited degrees, leaving graduates with debt but no improved job prospects.
This time Villanueva has proposed the PSI to cover only those imports by so-called unaccredited importers with no track record or those who have previous customs violations.
came to L&C after already earning a GED through another institution, but the GED Spencer thought he had earned was unaccredited.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The latest omnibus bill, passed in Parliament last week, has paved the way for companies to include unaccredited cash outflows on their balance sheets, provided they pay 3 percent tax on the money thus declared, according to a report in the BugE-n daily on Thursday.
Anyone can become a letting agent and many people are vulnerable to rogue, unaccredited landlords that unfortunately practise across South Wales.
The NQA alerts current and prospective students to be wary of unaccredited training providers, therefore students are advised to consult the NQA for the verification of the credentials of training providers before enrolling for their studies.
Almost all the accredited institutes and universities will not accept credits that are earned from an unaccredited educational institute.
131 --that allows students from an unaccredited school district to transfer to an accredited school district, while having their tuition and transportation costs paid for by the unaccredited school district.
Accreditation by any deeming authority, including the Joint Commission, is voluntary; but unaccredited home health agencies must undergo unannounced surveys by state officials.
In the first instance, the Chamber of Commerce is particularly worried about the possibility that, once a Regulation issuer crosses either the threshold of 500 unaccredited investors or 2,000 total investors (under Section 12(g)), it would become subject to all the reporting requirements under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.