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Synonyms for unaccommodating

not accommodating

offering no assistance

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Se dice que su corbata (neckcloth) ha sido entrenada (trained) para llevarlo de la garganta de manera incomoda (<<to take him by the throat with an unaccommodating grasp>>).
Disability: The disadvantages or limitations that individuals experience as a result of unaccommodating attitudes, environments or behaviours.
Those reports described the Muslims as "cunning, hypocrites, traitors, swindlers, suspicious, cowards, unaccommodating and persistent.
Usually wine bars have an air of luxury that sometimes might feel too unaccommodating, but not this place.
Organizationally unaccommodating types of gender performativity are predetermined within the corporate cultural setting.
With the internet, people can research about anything until their eyes go white without bothering other people (like the unaccommodating librarian).
The narrator's moral stylizes his tale of marital delinquency into an exploration of the relation between individual and an unaccommodating and coercive social system.
A cruel or exacting commander could be tolerated; hard service was accepted as an inevitable part of life; but an unaccommodating or inefficient sutler was a real calamity.
In the case of the ongoing and as-yet undetermined Israeli settler project, Palestinian indigeneity is not expressed only in conflict over state's public policies; it is a form of resistance to the most fundamental premise of the project: the unaccommodating Zionist claim of the exclusive Jewish relationship to and ownership of Palestine.
Judge Wisdom never disregarded legal rules he found unaccommodating or tried to chisel his own view of right and wrong into an unyielding body of law.
Instead of giving in to the reductiveness involved in categorising the components of the ageing body in an unaccommodating language that inevitably has to render a "wrinkle [.
PISCES February 19- March 20 Lover may appear most unaccommodating and may not even do your bidding, so find out why.
However, the complete secular takeover of papal authority was not totally secured until Holy Roman Emperor Otto I forcibly replaced an unaccommodating Pope John XII with a more compliant Leo VIII in AD 963.
African Americans with traditional acculturative coping strategies possess an unaccommodating way of relating to the environment and believe the degree of cultural divergence is large.
It appears Deepika's unaccommodating date issues have irked the superstar, leading Salman to suggest an alternative.