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to an unacceptable degree

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New Delhi [India], November 25 ( ANI ): President Ram Nath Kovind stressed on Saturday that there was unacceptably low representation of traditionally weaker sections especially in the higher judiciary.
Poverty remains stuck at unacceptably high levels - still afflicting about 45 percent of the region's households," Lagarde told the meeting of African finance ministers and development experts.
Committee Chair Christine Chapman AM, said recently that levels of dental decay amongst children in Wales was unacceptably high.
Linda Wood, North East spokeswoman for Diabetes UK, said: "A single preventable amputation is one too many and the number of amputations in is unacceptably high.
It has taken an unacceptably long time for these latest plans to be developed so they can meet the demands of the local population.
Now, catwalk models, the Kate Moss's of this world, want the protection of Equity against appalling conditions said to include being forced to wear skimpy outfits and work unacceptably long hours.
The dominant theme of this debate has been the concern expressed by Members about the escalating cost of Trident, which is unacceptably expensive, economically wasteful and militarily unsound (my emphasis).
The report certainly accords with my experience in 20 years of teaching philosophy at various community-college campuses across Southern California: Attrition rates in CCC classes are unacceptably large.
Thinking that the response to his call was unacceptably slow, Burchett publicly condemned the response time.
Canada's high-court appointment method remains unacceptably opaque" (Oct.
Last month, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced he would ask for city funds to place 400 surveillance cameras in areas of New York where crime rates remain unacceptably high.
The findings of an Out-of-Cycle Review (OCR) of China's intellectual property system are presented with the conclusion that infringement levels remain unacceptably high.
But he said: "There remain, however, many areas throughout the Midlands where first class post service is unacceptably poor and needs to improve.
Unlike white residents of Norco, the African-American community perceived unacceptably high risks and insignificant benefits.
Like children in Third World countries, young Australian Aborigines suffer unacceptably high rates of middle ear disease and otorrhea.