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not physically abused

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Purposely murdering noncombatants, beheading kidnapped hostages, executing teachers, and driving car bombs into civilian queues contrast starkly with the internationally sanctioned approach of forcing the world's worst dictators to stand trial, unabused, for crimes affecting millions.
Other tectonic shifts in values and relations follow, as when Ringo's reconnaissance allows him to draw a map ("who had declined even to try to learn to print his name") and precisely plot those Yankee regiments already swindled against those as yet unabused.
For example, Dyer, et al (2000) reports that when comparing abused and unabused elderly persons, those who have been abused have a higher occurrence of dementia (51% vs.
In that healed harmony the world is used But not destroyed, the Giver and the taker Joined, the taker blessed in the unabused Gift that nurtures and protects.
For the early nationalist generations, independence meant being free to emulate colonial city life; it promised the opportunity to take up addresses in the residential sanctuary of the civil lines, to create a world where public trees would flourish unabused.