unable to help

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in a helpless manner

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But he was unable to help his team-mates in Sunday's final defeat by Mumbai Indians, having joined up with an England training camp in Andalucia.
He gets offers of letters from numerous animals at the farm and zoo but they are unable to help [the snakes didn't want to be a snkes
Maria Riffe died as her immobile husband lay about 18 metres from her, both unable to help each other, said Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills.
TOADIE feels useless when Sonya is bitten by a spider and he is unable to help.
NEIGHBOURS - FIVE TOADIE feels useless when Sonya is bitten by a spider and he is unable to help.
He collapsed at their home and Ola, 32, had to call in neighbours because she was unable to help him due to her broken leg.
Paramedics were called but unable to help and police say the welfare of the mother is now their priority.
17 ( ANI ): Ryan Lochte, who was a money-making machine after the 2012 London Olympics, was reportedly unable to help save his parents' home, which they lost to foreclosure.
People watching were unable to help and called the police, who came but failed to save the man.
Filippo Grandi, Commissioner General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), said the situation in the camp was worsening everyday and the UN agency was unable to help the refugees trapped inside the camp.
Three years down the line, no-one has even had the courtesy to get back to us to say they are unable to help, and we don't know if we will ever get our money back.
Ministers in this coalition are all so affluent and live in a wealthy world of their own, with no understanding of people who are unable to help or look after themselves.
Unfortunaly the centre is facing a shortage of items and was recently left unable to help someone in need.
In addition, Tonoyan said that ASA is not competent and is unable to help all the problems of
Her six other siblings are unable to help her since they already have families of their own.