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not shortened by omissions

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Abbreviated words are counted for the number of syllables in their unabbreviated form.
Press releases can be published in full and unabbreviated.
Economic rationality, understood in an unabbreviated sense, is to be seen as a kind of a magical triangle between efficiency, meaning orientation, and justice in which efficiency is subordinate to the other angles for inherently logical reasons (Diagram 4).
The representative body of the British music industry, the BPI - which tellingly no longer uses its unabbreviated title "British Phonographic Industry" - has admitted the business is in a period of transition.
The College of M&D, or The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama to give its unabbreviated name, and the evocative cacophony that unfurls during the mid-morning practice is the first thing that entices you, siren-like through its doors.
For the unabbreviated chapter on the consequences of the conflict, see TRC Final Report, supra note 12, at vol.
Figure 2: Metadata Schema Example Name (Metadata Unabbreviated Comment Element) Name DMV_PRDT_ID DMV The specific product PRODUCT ID key assigned by various DMV bureaus which is used to uniquely identify the product issued PRDT_STUS_CD PRODUCT A code representing STATUS CODE the status of a product (Logical foreign key).
lt;pre> TRUTHFUL unabbreviated unalphabetical * unbalanced unbiblical
practices and New York brokerage that the unabbreviated name allowed.
Comprehensive searches of PsycINFO and MEDLINE using keywords AD/ HD, ADHD, ADD and their unabbreviated terms were conducted for publications dated 1979 to 2002.
The exception adds the military author's unabbreviated rank before their name in the citation to an article published in a military periodical, such as The Army Lawyer, the Military Law Review, the Naval Law Review, or the Air Force Law Review.
I believe the rot set in during the 60s when arrogant Kenneth Tynan uttered the unabbreviated F word on television.
The Nomad contains selections from her diaries between 1900 and 1903 (typically, editor Elizabeth Kershaw says only that "this volume is not an unabbreviated record").
When an acronym first appears, the unabbreviated phrase almost always follows in parentheses (for example, UNDP = United Nations Development Program [29]).