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considered contrary to the best interests of the United States

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The Department of Justice has the ability to block this illegal and un-American phenomenon on a nationwide basis and to prevent it from harming the right to religious freedom and equality that we all hold dear," saidCAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper.
Saying this is un-American can be no legitimate debate about the intentional infliction of pain upon captive and defenseless human beings.
In this analysis, they examine the categories of "enemy combatant," "war critic," and "war protestor" throughout 2005, showing how some parts of "the public" worked to challenge their restricted containment within the categories of American and un-American.
From the wry, farcical baseball humor in "The Great American Novel" that builds up to the intercession of the House Un-American Activities Committee, to the cruel marital tragedy and treachery of "My Life as a Man", to the intriguing story of a smart and adventurous man pushing the bounds of erotic possibility in "The Professor of Desire", each classic work explores a different facet of the subtext constantly running beneath the human condition.
Were Corliss alive today he would also sympathize with the dilemma that courageous patriots face as they are goaded, scoffed at, and denigrated as un-American in the current surge of McCarthy-like orthodoxy.
Patrick's Day, as un-American (he seems unaware that the first St.
Still, there's something vaguely un-American about setting an age limit for employment in a profession that, on the seriousness scale, rates somewhere below airline pilot and heart surgeon.
Unfairly labeled a Communist as many politically conscious and active entertainers were during the Red Scare, Lee's career was done irreparable damage by the House Un-American Activities Committee's (HUAC) blacklist and terror tactics of the anti-communist movement and McCarthyism.
The House Committee on Un-American Activities grew out of other temporary committees created to investigate Nazi propaganda and Communist influence in the U.
9 turbo-diesel engine is a peach and, matched with a smooth gearbox, gives this Stateside invader the punch to match the chassis's poise while returning a very un-American 45 miles to the gallon.
They include the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC), who summoned "victims" to name friends and co-workers who shared Communist sympathies and/or party membership; the film moguls who capitulated to HUAC pressure and blacklisted "honest idealists"; the liberals who turned their backs while the said outrage took place; and the ex-Communist "friendly witnesses" who testified before HUAC about their experiences in the Party, "betraying" Party colleagues such as Edward Dmytryk, Lewis Milestone, Bertolt Brecht, Howard Koch, Ring Lardner Jr, John Howard Lawson and Dalton Trumbo who found themselves out of work and, in some cases, in jail.
Foxman called on Falwell to "retract his divisive and un-American call to action.
Norquist went on to describe what others have called the Greatest Generation as "very un-American.
This is what happened: Heinz Kerry used the phrase "un-American traits" in a speech and this reporter asked her what she meant by the phrase "un-American activities," to which Kerry responded, "I never said un-American activities;" but this reporter insisted she had, and she said he was putting words in her mouth and he should shove it.