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last in an indefinitely numerous series

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and world travels while "lecturing President Bush for the umpteenth time for 'not buckling down to break our oil addiction.
That said, this is the umpteenth time I have made this resolution, and the umpteenth time I have broken the resolution, and this time the culprit was "7th Heaven.
The musical beloved by gay and African-American audiences was bumped by 76-year-old perennial Clint Eastwood's umpteenth lesson that violence is a bad thing.
Jonny Wilkinson will make his umpteenth comeback from injury tonight when Newcastle tackle Guinness
My mother is quiet; Rachel tells me for the umpteenth time that my mother is beautiful, and has blue eyes and is cute.
The artist formerly known as Sean Combs has changed his name for the umpteenth time.
Here I am reviewing my EBONY for the umpteenth time and I am so happy that I remembered to thank you for your article, "Al Green: I Can't Stop" (April 2004).
Unilever is re-staging Lux for the umpteenth time; this one includes "Heavenly Milk" variants of shower cream, as well as good old bar soap.
at home--your daughter rolling her eyes when asked, for the umpteenth time, to clean her room: and in relationships: your man lying about an affair claiming, "It wasn't me.
You simply have to keep on pretending that you'll break with terrorism and that you'll recognize Israel--over and over, and over,' Ceansescu told him for the umpteenth time.
So, for the umpteenth time, discretionary promotional spend was voluntarily transformed and institutionalised as mandatory.
When Jo ignores her mother's demands and neglects the garbage for the umpteenth time, she is startled when the junk comes to life and drags her out.
Balanchine is a splendid fellow, but surely someone would be prepared to take a chance on Le Beau Danube rather than the umpteenth production of Serenade or Symphony in C.
If the stock market isn't looking too snappy, real estate is suddenly being flooded with inventory, and rising oil prices again raise the specter of inflation for the umpteenth time - investors are seeing their investment options dwindle to nothing.
S a resident of Sector F-7/2 lodged a complaint with the local police stating that she was alone at her house when Mohammad Farooq broke into her house by scaling boundary wall and raped her umpteenth time at gunpoint and fled the scene over arrival of her family.