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Synonyms for ump

a person, usually appointed, who decides the issues or results, or supervises the conduct, of a competition or conflict

Synonyms for ump

an official at a baseball game


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The EcoProIT simulation uses the core manufacturing simulation data (CMSD) structure, which is similar to that of the UMPs in E3012-16.
The UMP amplitudes with respect to different SAGE cases are indicated in Table 1.
If the UMP goes on to secure the majority of the local councils across France, that will be a much-needed boost to Sarkozy's political come-back bid, which so far has failed to fully convince right-leaning voters.
Since being booted out of power the UMP has been beset by scandal, notably when its president Jean-FrancoisCope was charged with "abuse of finance" as part of a police probe into allegations that e1/410million worth of invoices from Sarkozy's 2012 campaign were passed off as UMP party expenses.
No one is fooled in France: Sarkozy plans to use the UMP presidency as a stepping-stone to bid for the Elysee Palace in 2017.
The ump leaned over the catcher for a good look at the plate, and adjusted his mask.
It was a mistake to think I could combine two groups like that, the UMP and FN," Clere told AFP after sending a letter to UMP leader Jean-Francois Cope, asking to be readmitted to his party.
Irianto Simbolon, the director general of industrial relations development and worker social security, blamed the recent big strike for the delay in the implementation of UMP until 2014 from Nov.
Un sentiment partage par Patrick Balkany, depute UMP et proche de Nicolas Sarkozy.
UMP MP Philippe Gosselin said the legislation was only the beginning of a trend that the French people did not want.
A UMP collapse would benefit the Socialists in the short term.
A combination made on November 26, 2012 shows three file pictures, one taken on July 2, 2012 showing outgoing UMP general secretary Jean-Francois Cope (L), the other one of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy taken March 9, 2012 in Nice, and the last one of former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon taken on 22 September, 2011 in Paris.
He even announced his victory to head the UMP on Sunday evening, before the committee had finished counting the votes; this led to confusion and greater division among party members.
Fillon's comments in the right-wing newspaper follow a series of broadsides against Hollande from leading members of the conservative opposition UMP party.
Sunday's result marked a second stinging defeat for the UMP, just one month after former President Nicolas Sarkozy failed to secure a second term in office.