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resembling an umbrella

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An umbrellalike heat shade will shield the craft's detectors from the relentless, sun, and solar panels will help power the craft once it begins an elliptical orbit about Mercury in 2009.
I am interested in suggestions for a tree that is small, preferably under 15 feet, with a wide, umbrellalike canopy, spread for shade.
For example, an umbrellalike antenna on the spacecraft Galileo got stuck while opening in space in 1991.
For that you need an A-band terminal that fits into a large suitcasesize case when its umbrellalike antenna is collapsed.
The music swells and swells to an impossible pitch, and just as it explodes into its joyous principal theme, a giant umbrellalike device descends, pops open and becomes the carousel's canopy.
Umbels are the kind of blossom that a certain group of plants produces ("umbel" means umbrellalike in shape).