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shaped in the form of an umbrella

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The procedure was initiated with local anaesthesia by putting a special umbrella-shaped device called amplatzer vascular plug inside heart.
After analyzing the swimming dynamics and layout of tissues in the common moon jelly Aurelia aurita (false-color composite of a juvenile shown), the scientists fashioned an umbrella-shaped frame with eight armlike structures out of an elastic silicone polymer, then seeded the frame with rat heart cells.
The unit generates an umbrella-shaped cloud of atomized droplets averaging 50-200 microns in size, projecting the mist about 30 feet (9.
At high elevations, massive umbrella-shaped dragon's blood trees (Dracaena cinnabari) decorate the horizon, popping out like giant mushrooms on a Willy Wonka movie set, and fantastic desert roses (Adenium obesum), resembling elephant's legs that blossom with beautiful pink flowers, are just some of the biological eye candy to explore.
It has an umbrella-shaped crown and is easily identified by its bright yellow, and sweet-scented flower heads.
Or the Polish-Dutch fashion label Van Markoveik, which uses organic fabrics, hemp blends and catfish skin-dyed silk (the skins are remnants from the fish industry) to create sumptuous striped dresses and nautical, umbrella-shaped coats.
One of the most striking of Socotra's plants is the dragon's blood tree (Dracaena cinnabari), which is a strange-looking, umbrella-shaped tree.
These signboards have been designed in a distinctive umbrella-shaped style to suit the coastal environment and have been distributed in all the public beaches in the emirate, including Al Mamzar Creek Beach, the beaches of Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim, Al Sufouh, and Dubai Marina," she said.
During a minimally-invasive procedure with one device, a tiny polyester-covered umbrella-shaped mesh device is snaked up via a catheter through a blood vessel in the groin into the right atrium and implanted permanently just behind or at the opening of the left atrial appendage.
For patients who cannot take heparin due to a high risk of bleeding, a small, umbrella-shaped filter is inserted into the inferior vena cava, the vein responsible for returning blood from the lower extremities to the heart.
Prior to the outbreak in 1918, two separate mutations in an HIN1 surface molecule known as hemagglutinin allowed the virus to bind tightly to the umbrella-shaped receptors of the human upper respiratory system, a characteristic that was not nearly as prevalent in previous strains.
The MIT team found that to infect humans, flu viruses must bind to the umbrella-shaped alpha 2-6 receptor.
During the minimally invasive procedure, a catheter is passed through a bronchoscope to deploy the small umbrella-shaped valves into the airways of the upper lobes of the lungs.
Pressurized air enters the VibraPad's stainless steel shaft and flows into the cavities formed where the umbrella-shaped rubber pad is pressed against the bin or hopper wall.