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Synonyms for umbra

comparative darkness that results from the blocking of light rays

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a region of complete shadow resulting from total obstruction of light

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Surgamus: solet esse grauis cantantibus umbra, iuniperi grauis umbra; nocent et frugibus umbrae.
6) Whether or not he has this in mind in locus est, with his echo of Vergil's nocent et frugibus umbrae, Horace opens a second level at which his own words in line 29 can be understood.
It recalls Vergil's poetic word capellae,(7) but refers in the invitation, as already noted, to the foetor alarum of putative umbrae.
2 Maecenas brought two umbrae with him to Nasidienus' dinner-party: cum Seruilio Balatrone/Vibidius quos Maecenas adduxerat umbras (S.