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Returning to the topic at hand and consistent with anatomical terminology, in the study of elements associated with the navel it was found that the umbilical region is highly significant and is taken into account by all texts for teaching macroscopic anatomy and in articles dealing with the clinical implications of appendicitis.
in size was palpable in umbilical region. It was intra-abdominal and intra-peritoneal.
And, finally, they documented microbial colonization by bacterial and Candida swabs of the umbilical region at day 2 and week 4.
Only two factors, "initial stimulant pain" and "umbilical region tenderness on pressure" were significantly different between the two groups.
Circular infiltration anaesthesia was done at umbilical region using 2% Lignocaine hydrochloride ([Lox.sup.c]) @ 4 mg/kg b.
Ultrasonogram showed a collection in umbilical region. So MR Sinogram.
Contrast radiography are recommended to characterize and localize the lesion in umbilical region and urachus (Fubini and Ducharme 2004).
(13) However unusual sites like oral cavity, (14) umbilical region presenting as umbilical polyp (15) has been reported in the literature.
Physical examination revealed reducible swelling at umbilical region (Fig.1).
On clinical examination, a firm, non-tender lump of about 15cm x 10cm x 8cm arising from abdominal wall occupying Rt iliac fossa, hypogastric region and umbilical region.