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Concentrations of tCys and tHcy were significantly lower in arterial compared with venous umbilical cord plasma (P = 0.
The initial occurrence of umbilical cord torsion resulted in the death of a 19-week female fetus.
As part of a study to document prevalence of maternal syphilis in Bolivia, we assessed the histopathologic features of umbilical cords in a cohort of live-born and stillborn infants of women with syphilis and a sample of infants born to women without syphilis.
Cord blood, which is taken from the umbilical cord or placenta immediately after childbirth, is rich in stem cells -- the same cells in bone marrow which create red blood cells that carry oxygen, white blood cells that fight diseases and platelets that help blood to clot.
It would rely on babies' umbilical cords being donated after birth and could offer hope to leukaemia patients who are unable to find a bone marrow match through registers.
The steel tube umbilicals and subsea distribution system will be manufactured in Duco's facility in Channelview, Houston.
Americord's donation of funds is part of the company's corporate giving program, which was established to support research focused on the therapeutic uses of stem cells from umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue.
Consistently high oil prices have prompted a growth in market activity and demand for subsea umbilicals has benefited the firm, which opened a highly advanced steel tube facility on Walker riverside earlier this year.
Hospitals tests the risk by measuring the amount of IgE in the blood of the umbilical cord, and use the results to determine the need for allergy prophylaxis, e.
On the other hand, umbilical cord blood contains predominantly naive cells, which aren't yet programmed to attack foreign tissue, says hematologist Juliet N.
Project to design, manufacture and supply 42 km of power umbilical, spooled out from the new long-term storage carousel in Mobile, Alabama
Nexans will deliver 830 m of dynamic umbilical cables, made up of 12 16 mm2 quad cables.
22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Americord announced today that it has provided funding to support a clinical trial investigating the efficacy of autologous umbilical cord blood for the treatment of pediatric patients with cerebral palsy.
ASTEEL tube umbilical manufacturing facility, believed to the world's most advanced, has opened on Walker Riverside, Newcastle.
Having treated other young patients who had thalassemia, Wagner knew that healthy stem cells from either bone marrow or blood in an umbilical cord could mend the child's faulty circulatory system.