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Synonyms for umber

an earth pigment

a medium brown to dark-brown color

of the color of any of various natural brown earth pigments

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It comes after a takeover in 2010 by businessman Alan Umbers, his wife Anne and daughter Stacie, and coincides with the 20th anniversary of the 18-hole championship course.
With the lists of "secure" votes and their personal umbers, addresses and polling stations, they are applying for a stamp for their life.
Sweet Charity also stars Mark Umbers, Josefina Gabrielle and Tiffany Graves and runs until January 2011.
But retraining at her local hospital throws GP Katie into the path of two gorgeous men - heart surgeon Dan (Mark Umbers), who appears to offer a chance of lasting happiness, and Jack (Steven Brand), an old flame who is her boss and also married.
In 2006, the last full year for which umbers are available, more than 16,500 white cars were sold - up from 15,792 in the previous 12 months.
Socialite Erlynne (Hunt) fancies young Robert Windermere (Mark Umbers).
This is not just because Asia contains more than 60 percent of the world's population (China and India alone account for almost 40 percent), but also is became rapidly increasing n umbers of those living in the region are reaching income levels where they are lifted out of subsistence lifestyles.
glows with the subtle umbers, terracottas and golds of the frescoes, textured so they look as though they were lifted from some ancient Italian villa.
These types of data include email and email attachments, static Web content, manufacturing lists of part n umbers, and stored images, for example.
One of the partners at Gibson-Booth is Richard Umbers (inset).
Having made full use of her various wealthy ~ suitors in Manhattan (and been chased out of town by their vengeful wives), money-grabbing socialite Mrs Erlynne (Helen Hunt) heads for the Italian shores where she sets her sights on handsome Robert Windermere (Mark Umbers), whose wife Meg (Scarlett Johansson) is naive to the ways of the world.
Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Helen Hunt, Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Campbell Moore, Mark Umbers, Diana Hardcastle.